• Valentine Papercraft Contest

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  1. Game Final Fantasy Puppetmaster

    Final Fantasy XI Puppetmaster Papercraft In the Final Fantasy XI video game puppetmasters are wandering performers who entertain crowds and confound their enemies with a customizable puppet known as an "Automaton." This papercraft puppetmaster was created by Telford at the Square Enix Forum...
  2. Cartoon Game [Ben ten] (Ben 10) Tetrax

    [Ben ten] (Ben 10) Tetrax Papercraft Tetrax Shard is a muscular and strong petrosapien, with a broad back and thick arms. He uses a one-piece suit, which is equipped with advanced technology. Tetrax is a skilled fighter, with great experience and technique, always managing to capture the weak...
  3. Marvel Universe Hulk Vs HulkBuster Diorama

    Hulk Vs HulkBuster Diorama Papercraft The fight between Hulk and Iron man in Avengers 2 shows how the power of Scarlet Witch has had an effect on Hulk's spirit. The green giant lost control and unleashed his fury while fighting Iron Man, who was clad in Hulkbuster armor. Thanks to the...
  4. Cartoon Game [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Vilgax (original series)

    [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Vilgax (original series) Papercraft The best villiain from ben 10, Vilgax is an intergalactic alien warlord and conqueror, a Chimera Sui Generis who serves as Ben's archenemy, and the most recurring villain in the ongoing franchise, having appeared multiple times in every...
  5. Game [Crash Tag Team Racing] Park Drone

    [Crash Tag Team Racing] Park Drone Papercraft the underpaid and mistreated workers of the von clutch`s amusement park
  6. Game [Into the Breach] Artillery Mech

    [Into the Breach] Artillery Mech Papercraft th third member of the initial squadron from the game into the breach
  7. Game [Into the Breach] Cannon Mech

    [Into the Breach] Cannon Mech Papercraft the second member of the initial squadron from the game into the breach
  8. Game [Into the Breach] Battle Mech

    [Into the Breach] Battle Mech Papercraft a member of the initial squadron from the tactical game into the breach
  9. Automata Dancing Groot

    Dancing Groot automata papercraft Recently, I have become interested in the automata genre. I'm surprised this template hasn't been uploaded yet. A cute character from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
  10. Melee World of Warcraft - Cataclysm Axe Green

    World of Warcraft - Cataclysm Axe Green papercraft H265 W65 D404 mm
  11. Head Wearable Japanese Fox Mask

    Japanese Fox Mask papercraft In Japanese folklore, foxes are said to be shapeshifting tricksters. In the spirit of fun, during certain festivals in Japan, it is a tradition to wear decorative fox masks (aka kitsune masks). This printable papercraft kitsune mask is offered by Sagara Works as an...
  12. Automata Unicorn

    Unicorn automata papercraft
  13. Automata Penguin

    Penguin automata papercraft
  14. Virtual idol Paper Toys Smol Hololive

    Smol Hololive Papercraft Smaller variation of Hololive formatted as Smol Hololive, In the sample include the: Smol Kiara Papercraft, Smol Ina Papercraft, Smol Calli Papercraft, Smol Gura Papercraft, Smol Ame Papercraft
  15. Road vehicles Sport Car McLaren MP4/10B GP Canada 1995

    McLaren MP4/10B GP Canada 1995 papercraft The McLaren MP4/10 was the Formula One car with which the McLaren team competed in the 1995 Formula One World Championship. The chassis was designed by Neil Oatley, Steve Nichols, Matthew Jeffreys, David North, David Neilson, Paddy Lowe and Henri Durand...
  16. Automata Owl

    Owl automata papercraft Contrary to Agreeable Sheep, this papercraft is a head-shaking owl.
  17. Automata Agreeable Sheep

    Agreeable Sheep papercraft A sheep never refuses anything because, basically, he can only nod up and down.
  18. Others All Getter Robo Mecha [GXTCH337]

    All Getter Robo Mecha models from GXTCH337 Papercraft This blog,, is what was known as "Robot Island". There is unfortunately a lot of useless photographs, but with some diligent searching, you can find useful information of building all of the...
  19. Melee Necturus Pirate Sword

    Necturus Pirate Sword papercraft H100 W685 D160 mm
  20. Movie Public Figure [Teletubbies] Laa-Laa

    [Teletubbies] Laa-Laa Papercraft 1 sheets = small, 3 sheets = large Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby played by Nikky Smedley (from 1997 - 2003, 2007, 2009) in the original series and Rebecca Hyland (from 2015 - present) in the new series. She is yellow and has a curly antenna on her head. Her...