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  1. Automata Unicorn

    Unicorn automata papercraft
  2. Automata Penguin

    Penguin automata papercraft
  3. Virtual idol Paper Toys Smol Hololive

    Smol Hololive Papercraft Smaller variation of Hololive formatted as Smol Hololive, In the sample include the: Smol Kiara Papercraft, Smol Ina Papercraft, Smol Calli Papercraft, Smol Gura Papercraft, Smol Ame Papercraft
  4. Road vehicles Sport Car McLaren MP4/10B GP Canada 1995

    McLaren MP4/10B GP Canada 1995 papercraft The McLaren MP4/10 was the Formula One car with which the McLaren team competed in the 1995 Formula One World Championship. The chassis was designed by Neil Oatley, Steve Nichols, Matthew Jeffreys, David North, David Neilson, Paddy Lowe and Henri Durand...
  5. Automata Owl

    Owl automata papercraft Contrary to Agreeable Sheep, this papercraft is a head-shaking owl.
  6. Automata Agreeable Sheep

    Agreeable Sheep papercraft A sheep never refuses anything because, basically, he can only nod up and down.
  7. Others All Getter Robo Mecha [GXTCH337]

    All Getter Robo Mecha models from GXTCH337 Papercraft This blog,, is what was known as "Robot Island". There is unfortunately a lot of useless photographs, but with some diligent searching, you can find useful information of building all of the...
  8. Melee Necturus Pirate Sword

    Necturus Pirate Sword papercraft H100 W685 D160 mm
  9. Movie Public Figure [Teletubbies] Laa-Laa

    [Teletubbies] Laa-Laa Papercraft 1 sheets = small, 3 sheets = large Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby played by Nikky Smedley (from 1997 - 2003, 2007, 2009) in the original series and Rebecca Hyland (from 2015 - present) in the new series. She is yellow and has a curly antenna on her head. Her...
  10. Game Poppy Playtime

    Poppy Playtime Papercraft Poppy Playtime is the first toy produced by Playtime Co., who debuted in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. She is the titular character of the game, first appearing in the end of Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze as a minor character and later re-appearing in Chapter 2: Fly in a...
  11. Figure Virtual idol Pink Shylily

    VTuber Pink Shylily Papercraft A4X5 H:31CM Shylily (also known as Lily) is a female independent VTuber based in the Netherlands. She has been on Twitch since 29 August 2015. She made her own model before her new 2D re-debut on 10 January 2022...
  12. Mask Genshin Impact - Xiao's mask

    Genshin Impact - Xiao's paper mask Dimensions: 310 x 186 x 122 mm Xiao's paper mask is only 4 pages long, and one more page has spacers that can come in handy when strengthening the model. There are many difficult moments, so it is recommended for advanced crafters.
  13. Game [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue

    [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue Papercraft OuterWilds is really a good game!
  14. Spacecraft Lunar Rover

    Lunar Rover papercraft Model size: length 22 cm, height 11 cm The Lunar Rover is a lunar rover featured in the 2009 movie "Moon." It's a more classic SF movie in the style of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film is carried almost exclusively by the brilliant actor Sam Rockwell. Rockwell plays...
  15. Game [Genshin Impact] Nilou

    [Genshin Impact] Nilou Papercraft H420 W290 D303 mm A dancer under the Zubayr Theater, Nilou's dancing is but elegant and graceful — however, outside the stage's spotlight, she's just like any girl her age; warm, smiling, and friendly.
  16. Road vehicles Sport Car Sauber Mercedes C9 1988

    Sauber Mercedes C9 1988 papercraft This paper car is a 1988 Sauber Mercedes C9 (Sauber C9 or Mercedes-Benz C9), a Group C prototype race car introduced in 1987 as a continuation of the partnership between Sauber as a constructor and Mercedes-Benz as an engine builder for the World Sportscar...
  17. Event Low Poly Others Eggs on Pedestal

    Eggs on Pedestal Low Poly Papercraft Height: 300 mm Width: 189 mm Depth: 186 mm In order to assemble the model, you need to print this scan on thick paper or cardboard A4. We recommend using paper or cardboard with a density of at least 200 g/m2. Included is 1 print file on A4. To print this...
  18. Game Low Poly Minecraft Steve

    Minecraft Steve Low Poly Papercraft Height: 600 mm Width: 257 mm Depth: 356 mm Attention! It's digital! Scan in electronic PDF and DXF formats Steve is presented as a human character with a blocky appearance, in keeping with the aesthetic and artistic style of Minecraft. The character's name...
  19. Plants Low Poly Christmas Abstract Tree

    Christmas Abstract Tree Low Poly Papercraft Scan models of the Christmas Abstract tree for the Assembly of paper or cardboard. Height: 430 mm Width: 209 mm Depth: 209 mm Attention! It's digital! Scan in electronic PDF formats In order to assemble the model, you need to print this scan on...
  20. Spacecraft NASA’s Space Launch System - Artemis 1

    NASA’s Space Launch System - Artemis 1 papercraft The Artemis-1 (formerly known as Exploration Mission 1), is an uncrewed test flight for NASA's Artemis Program, that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars. It was successfully launched on Nov 16, 2022. Launch Vehicle: Space Launch...