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  1. Low Poly Wall hanging Hercules fighting Achelous

    Hercules fighting Achelous wall decor papercraft
  2. Air vehicles Goldlocks Air Troop [Gwi Jang]

    Goldlocks Air Troop [Gwi Jang]
  3. Others Wild Bird [Gwi Jang]

    Wild Bird [Gwi Jang] Papercraft
  4. Others [Super Robot Wars] Alteisen Riese [Gwi Jang]

    [Super Robot Wars] Alteisen Riese [Gwi Jang] Papercraft
  5. Others Zoids Voltron [Gwi Jang]

    Zoid Voltron [Gwi Jang] Papercraft
  6. Cartoon [ThunderCats] Mumm-Ra forma 1

    [ThunderCats] Mumm-Ra forma 1 papercraft 290 x 120 x 179 mm
  7. Game [Megaman] Skull Man

    [Megaman] Skull Man Papercraft
  8. Game [Megaman] Sniper Joe

    [Megaman] Sniper Joe Papercraft
  9. Game [Megaman] Time man

    [Megaman] Time man Papercraft
  10. Game [Megaman] Yellow Devil

    [Megaman] Yellow Devil Papercraft
  11. Anime Chibi Others Yukimura Sanada Ver. 2

    Yukimura Sanada Ver. 2 (game Sengoku BASARA) papercraft
  12. Chibi Virtual idol Hololive: AZKi Chibi

    Hololive: AZKi Chibi papercraft Virtual Diva AZKi, better known simply as AZKi, is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and singer. Her concept was conceived by hololive's parent company: Cover Corporation and her design and videos are produced by Composition Inc. While debuting alone outside...
  13. Chibi Virtual idol Hololive: Gawr Gura Chibi (Ver. Loading...)

    Hololive: Gawr Gura Chibi (Ver. Loading...) papercraft Gawr Gura is an English Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its English (EN) branch first generation of VTubers alongside Ninomae Ina'nis, Takanashi Kiara, Watson Amelia and Mori Calliope.
  14. Cartoon [Final Space] Heuristic Unified Entity (H.U.E.)

    [Final Space] Heuristic Unified Entity (H.U.E.) papercraft Heuristic Unified Entity (abbreviated H.U.E.) is one of the main characters in Final Space. H.U.E. was created as the artificial intelligence of the Galaxy One, acting as a sort of "prison warden" for Gary Goodspeed. Shortly after the...
  15. Cartoon Garfield

    Garfield papercraft Dimensions: 400x 404 x 380 mm
  16. Game [Summoners War] Tetra (Mermaid (Awakened))

    [Summoners War] Tetra (Mermaid (Awakened)) papercraft
  17. Anime Game Digimon Woodmon

    Digimon Woodmon papercraft Woodmon is a Vegetation Digimon. Woodmon is shaped like a giant, withered tree. It's made of normal wood, and lives by grabbing passing Digimon and draining their energy. It can also move around on its root-like feet. Violent by nature, it will attack relentlessly...
  18. Anime Game Digimon Botamon Ver. 2

    Digimon Botamon Ver. 2 papercraft Botamon is a Slime Digimon. It was just born recently, and on the surface of its slime-shaped body, it has grown thick, black fuzz. It is unable to battle as it has just been born.
  19. Anime Game Digimon Syakomon

    Digimon Syakomon papercraft Syakomon is a Crustacean Digimon. Syakomon is concealed in a sturdy shell shaped like a clam. Its shell developed rapidly, so its insides look like an in-training slime. This cunning creature entices foes with its cute face and attacks when they get close. When the...
  20. Anime Game Digimon Motimon

    Digimon Motimon papercraft Motimon is a Lesser Digimon. It possesses elastic skin, and is a soft-bodied Digimon that uses the protuberances on the underside of its body to toddle about. It came to be called "Motimon" from inflating its body when it gets worked up, causing it to look like...