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  1. Game [Mobile Legends] Saber Starlight (Saber Force Warrior Revamped)

    [Mobile Legends] Saber Starlight (Saber Force Warrior Revamped) papercraft His "Force Warrior" skin is the first Starlight Membership Skin. Saber without using a skin is Saber which is actually pretty cool, but this skin will make Saber look cooler than before. The Force Warrior skin is a...
  2. Game [Mobile Legends] Hayabusa Sushi Master Revamp

    [Mobile Legends] Hayabusa " Sushi Master " Revamp papercraft This skin looks inspired by a cook or chef who serves Japanese specialties, namely Sushi. His shirt is blue with a white cloud pattern and has shuriken markings on his chest. His face was covered with a mouthpiece and there was also...
  3. Game [Mobile Legends] Claude Lifeguard

    [Mobile Legends] Claude Lifeguard papercraft This is Claude upcoming skin for the Mobile legends summer carnival. Claude Lifeguard summer skin.
  4. Game [Mobile Legends] Phylax Celestial Safeguard

    [Mobile Legends] Phylax Celestial Safeguard papercraft Edith breaks up with her adoptive father and sets off on a journey to hunt down the escaping evil god, driving the mecha Phylax. The Ancients sought to take control of order in the Land of Dawn before an endless war broke out. They sent...
  5. Game [Mobile Legends] Belerick Torch Guardian

    [Mobile Legends] Belerick Torch Guardian papercraft The descendants of the ancient tribe where once guided by the voice of the ancient tribe to the western desert, where they overdrew on their life force and turned into an oasis, bringing hope to the desperate Minoan survivors and later using...
  6. Game [Mobile Legends] Zilong Summer Waves

    [Mobile Legends] Zilong Summer Waves papercraft
  7. Game [Mobile Legends] Miya Moon Priestess

    [Mobile Legends] Miya Moon Priestess Papercraft Miya lived in Azrya with the other Moon Elves. She stood aloof from the worldly strife, and did not expect the Demon army would attack suddenly. In order to protect her homeland, Miya, as the Priestess of the Moon, led the other Moon Elves in a...
  8. Game [Mobile Legends] Barats "Toy Rex"

    [Mobile Legends] Barats - Toy Rex Skin papercraft Relieve your childhood days with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s newest skin, Toy Rex Barats. Toy Rex, which looks like a character right out of the movie Toy Story, transforms Barats’ pet, Detona, into an orange plastic dino equipped with two...
  9. Game Chibi [Mobile Legends] X.BORG

    [Mobile Legends] X.BORG Papercraft Extraordinary Intelligence has the ability to lead the world into a new light or make some major changes for the worse. It's a priceless treasure, even when based on countless failures. For overwhelming technology, people are willing to sacrifice a great deal...
  10. Game [Mobile Legends] Jawhead Candy Bear

    [Mobile Legends] Jawhead Candy Bear papercraft The skin features numerous visual upgrades to fit the playful aesthetic. Smart Missiles now launch 12 glowing gummy bears at random while Ejector now emits pink and white smoke as you fling enemies.
  11. Game [Mobile Legends] Hanzo Insidious Tutor

    [Mobile Legends] Hanzo Insidious Tutor papercraft A cruel assassin who can perform a supreme ultimate skill, dash towards an enemies in the back-Iines and slay them with no harm.
  12. Game [Mobile Legends] Hanabi Rakshesha

    [Mobile Legends] Hanabi Rakshesha papercraft Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA game on the mobile platform . There are two teams playing in each game, the goal is to protect their own base and destroy the enemy's base, the game will end when the main house of either team is destroyed. There...
  13. Game [Mobile Legends] Lolita Lion Dance Ver. 2

    [Mobile Legends] Lolita Lion Dance Ver. 2 papercraft Lolita is a tank that can block projectiles, give shield to allies, and setup teamfights with her ultimate.
  14. Game [Mobile Legends] Aurora Kula Diamond KOF

    [Mobile Legends] Aurora Kula Diamond KOF papercraft The KoF skins not only changed their stance, they also change their movement, skills, their effects, icons, and Japanese voiceovers from the video game series. These are the first skins other than "Legend" skins to do so.
  15. Game [Mobile Legends] Akai Street Enforcer

    [Mobile Legends] Akai Street Enforcer papercraft Among them was Akai, a fish seller with a monotonous routine that revolved around fishing and selling his catches. As day went by, an exhilarating idea gradually formed in his mind: To Become a Hero!
  16. Game [Mobile Legends] Gatotkaca

    [Mobile Legends] Gatotkaca papercraft Gatotkaca is a very tough tank with superior ability effects, extreme durability and moderately high damage
  17. Game [Mobile Legends] Lancelot Perfumed Knight

    [Mobile Legends] Lancelot Perfumed Knight papercraft Lancelot, Blade of Roses is an Assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  18. Game [Mobile Legends] Ling Cyan Finch

    [Mobile Legends] Ling Cyan Finch papercraft Ling is a Assassin who possess a superb lightness skill, he could leap between walls at will and can deal massive burst damage to the enemy.
  19. Game [Mobile Legends] Kadita Ocean Goddess

    [Mobile Legends] Kadita Ocean Goddess papercraft Kadita is a mage who can control the might of the ocean and is perfect for teamfights.
  20. Game [Mobile Legends] Dyrroth Orochi Chris KOF

    [Mobile Legends] Dyrroth Orochi Chris KOF papercraft Prince of the Moniyan Empire, raised by Alice and Thamuz after being kidnapped. He won a duel witnessed by Thamuz. After the conflict between Light and Dark, the Son of Darkness was about to represent the lord of the Abyss and lead the Abyssal...