1. Game Low Poly Super Mario Ghost BOO

    Super mario - Ghost BOO Low poly Papercraft Size: H 50cm x W 61.9cm x D 27.6cm Boos (originally known as "Boo" Diddlys and later Boo Buddies) are common ghost enemies in the Mario franchise that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. They are a type of white spherical ghost with menacing and...
  2. Anime Game Digimon Bakemon and Soulmon

    Digimon - Bakemon and Soulmon Papercraft It's as you already saw in the title, Bakemon and Soulmon !! Well... Soulmon is just a Bakemon with a witch hat but hey, it's still a different Digimon from Bakemon ! Bakemon Papercraft Bakemon is a levitating ghost covered in a white cloth that hides...
  3. Festival Low Poly Others Ghost

    Fantasmita (Ghost) papercraft Others have taken the opposite approach, claiming that they cannot prove the existence of ghosts simply because we do not currently have the right technology for searching and probing the spiritual world. This isn't true, though: Either ghosts exist and appear in...
  4. Movie [Scream] Ghostface

    [Scream] Ghostface Papercraft Ghostface (alternatively stylized as Ghost Face or GhostFace) is the main villain of the Scream series. Ghostface was named after a rubber Halloween mask inspired by the Edvard Munch painting The Scream. He has also been called the Woodsboro Killer, after the...
  5. Light Box Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion (Halloween) light box All digital files included: 5 SVG files 5 PDF files 5 PNG files
  6. Movie Low Poly Wall hanging Ghostbuster Logo

    Ghostbuster Logo wall dercor papercraft Dimensions: 450 x 429 x 221 mm Ghostbusters is a 1984 American supernatural comedy film directed and produced by Ivan Reitman, and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It stars Bill Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis as Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon...
  7. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu Ghost Balloon Custom

    025 - Pikachu Ghost Balloon Custom Papercraft Pikachu is popularly known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and one of Nintendo's major mascots. It is also the game mascot and starter Pokémon of Pokémon Yellow and Let's Go, Pikachu!. It has made numerous appearances on the boxes of spin-off...
  8. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Ghost

    Low Poly GHOST (FANTASMA) Papercraft Ghost - Fantasma (Ghost) è un film del 1990 diretto da Jerry Zucker ed interpretato da Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore e Whoopi Goldberg. Ottenne un enorme successo di pubblico, vincendo tra l'altro 2 Oscar: uno per la miglior sceneggiatura originale (consegnato...
  9. Light Box Halloween

    Light Box - Halloween
  10. Light Box Ghost Forest

    Light Box - Ghost Forest
  11. Chibi Gotenks Kamikaze Ghost

    Cái đế bằng giấy yếu quá ko đỡ nổi nên bỏ. Giờ cho nó bò thế này hiuhiu T.T
  12. Game Maple Story [Botpa] Ghost Pirate

    [Botpa] Ghost Pirate papercraft