How to create a new thread.

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How to create a new thread.

(*) It is recommended to use the search function to see similar threads before creating a new one. Avoid duplicate content. This is a website about the paper art; unrelated posts will be deleted.

This article will walk you through the basic steps to create a new thread.​
  1. Select the zone & category that matches the content of the article you want to post.​
  2. Click the Post Thread button at the right top side on the website.​
  3. Select the appropriate prefix.​
  4. Fill in the title and required information.​
  5. Add detailed content.​
  6. Click the Upload image button to add Images. Copy an image link and paste it in the Thumbnail.
  7. Click the Attach files button to browse for and select a file.​
  8. Add tags (recommended but optional).​
  9. Select thread options and set thread status.​
  10. Create a poll if you want.​
  11. Preview the article before clicking Post thread.​
  12. Done.​

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