Pokemon Gen 8 888 - Zacian

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Zacian (Japanese: ザシアン Zacian) is a Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.
While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Zacian has a second form activated by giving it a Rusted Sword to hold. Its original form, Hero of Many Battles, will then become the Fairy/Steel-type Crowned Sword.
Zacian is the game mascot of Pokémon Sword, appearing on the boxart in its Crowned Sword form. It is a member of the hero duo with Zamazenta.

In its Hero of Many Battles form, Zacian is a large cyan lupine Pokémon with yellow eyes, a tan underside, a lean frame, a pink tail, and pink braids going down the side of its body. Two pink fringes of fur are present on its back. Battle scars are visible on its sides, and part of its left ear is missing. In its Crowned Sword form, the fringes of fur on its back become wing-like armor and its braids grow to resemble ribbons. Additionally, its head is covered by a golden helmet, and it carries a golden sword decorated to resemble Zacian's colors. Zacian can sheathe its sword when not in use by wrapping it with its mane.

By absorbing metal particles, Zacian can change to its other form in battle. According to legends, Zacian was known as the Fairy King's Sword due to it being able to cut down anything in one strike, and it inspired awe in both its friends and foes. It is believed to be either the elder sister or rival of Zamazenta. It can turn itself into a statue in order to slumber until needed. It can cast illusions, including a projection of itself, even when asleep. It is also capable of flying. When together with Zamazenta, it can negate the power of Eternatus, even in its Eternamax state.

Zacian attacks with graceful, swift and captivating movements, which have been compared to a dance. It unleashes quick slashes that can't be seen by the naked eye; those struck by its sword will be cut down before they can feel the pain. The sword it holds in its mouth is really sharp and can cut through anything, even the thick scales of Dragon-type Pokémon as if they were just paper. Zacian is the only known Pokémon capable of learning the move Behemoth Blade. When using Behemoth Blade, it is even said to be able to cut the ocean in two.


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