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  1. Light Box [Pokemon] Pikachu and Satoshi

    Light Box - [Pokemon] Pikachu and Satoshi 10 PDF files 10 PNG files 10 SVG files
  2. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu Electrifying Summer Fun!

    025 - Pikachu Electrifying Summer Fun! Instruction: PDO A Day with Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration Figure by Funko Inspirado en la figura Funko que pronto saldrá por tiempo limitado en los Pokémon Center, traigo ésta pequeña adaptación del muy tierna y colorida figura. Cerebii: In The...
  3. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu Trophy PWC 2018

    025 - Pikachu Trophy PWC 2018 (Pokémon World Championships - VGC - TABLOIDE) Instruction: PDO Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon...
  4. Pokemon Gen 1 149 - Postman Dragonite

    149 - Postman Dragonite Dragonite (Japanese: カイリュー Kairyu) Instruction: PDO Dragonite since I played in the first generations seemed to me a majestic creature, his presence in the anime and his short appearances and references to being a postman made this Pokémon a noble giant. This 30 cm tall...
  5. Others Kanto Pokemon Medals

    Kanto Pokemon Medals Instruction: PDO The medallion is made on the basis of medals from the Kanto region. The medals can be removed and stored again, as well as closing the medal cap. The pdo does not have a password, so they can change the trainer card and the skin in general
  6. Others Lapizard

    Pokemon Go - Lapizard Instruction: PDO
  7. Pokemon Gen 1 131 - Lapras ( Ver. 3)

    131 - Lapras ( Ver. 3) Instruction: PDO Lapras is a large sea Pokémon that resembles a plesiosaur. It has a blue hide with darker blue spots and a cream-colored underside. It has large brown eyes, a short horn on its forehead, and tightly curled ears. It has a long neck and four flippers. The...
  8. Pokemon Gen 8 080 - Slowbro Galar (Galarian Form)

    Pokemon Gen VIII Dex - 080 - Slowbro Galar (Galarian Form) Instruction: PDO Slowbro (Japanese: ヤドラン Yadoran) is a dual-type Water/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Slowpoke starting at level 37. It is one of Slowpoke's final forms, the other being Slowking. Slowbro...
  9. Pokemon Gen 8 Regieleki

    Pokemon Gen VIII - Regieleki Instruction: PDO Biology Regieleki is an electric golem-like Pokémon made mostly of electric energy. It has a round yellow body with three spikes on top of its head. It has a pink pattern on its face that resembles a letter "X". It has five blue, metal-like...
  10. Pokemon Gen 1 058 - Growlithe Ver.2

    058 - Growlithe Ver.2 Instruction: PDO
  11. Pokemon Gen 5 498 - Tepig Ver.2

    498 - Tepig Ver.2 Instruction: PDO
  12. Pokemon Gen 1 006 - Charizard ( Ver. 7)

    006 - Charizard ( Ver. 7) Instruction: PDO
  13. Pokemon Gen 1 005 - Charmeleon ( ver. 4 )

    005 - Charmeleon ( ver. 4 ) Instruction: PDO
  14. Pokemon Gen 1 004 - Charmander ( Ver. 4 )

    004 - Charmander ( Ver. 4 ) Instruction: PDO
  15. Pokemon Gen 7 Pokemon Elgyem Ver.2

    Pokemon Elgyem Ver.2 Instruction: PDO
  16. Pokemon Gen 7 Pokemon Lunala

    Pokemon Lunala Instruction: PDO
  17. Pokemon Gen 6 Pokemon Volcanion

    Pokemon Volcanion Instruction: PDO
  18. Pokemon Gen 1 067-Machoke V2

    067-Machoke v2 Instruction: PDO
  19. Pokemon Gen 1 066-Machop

    066-Machop instruction: PDO
  20. Pokemon Gen 1 055 - Golduck

    055 - Golduck Instruction: PDO
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