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[SSSS.Dynazenon] Dyna Wing papercraft​

Dynawing Papercraft Pattern, manual/ guide and pdf
can be paired with S.V. yume minami papercraft​


At some point in the past, about 5,000 years ago, before and after Gauma's death, he received Dynazenon in the form of a dragon ornament from an ancient land princess. The princess, who is also his lover, put the mummified relic along with other relics before committing suicide to join Gauma in the afterlife. When the monster attacked Shallband, Gauma tried to "control" it using the monster's user power, but he soon realized he had lost it. As a last resort, he pulled a glowing ornament out of his pocket and lifted it up to summon Dynazenon in bright light. The mecha was realized by picking up Gauma and nearby mugwort, Asanaka, Yume Minami, and Koyomi Yamanaka. It was my first time to play Gauma, but I was able to effectively control Dynazenon and fight Charband. When thrown into the bind, Mecha transformed into a Dynalex replacement, continued to fight, and ended the monster with Rex's roar. What is a monster user? As a result, Dynazenon components were split between pilots. Yomogi won Dynasoldiers, Yume won Dynasing, Koyomi won Dynastrikers, and Gauma maintained Dynadivers. Yume and Koyomi started pilot training, and Mugwort had to go to work until the monster Greyjom appeared and fight together again. What is the reason for fighting?
During the battle with Burnadon, the team was unable to form Dynazenon because they could not trust Gauma when they heard that they had betrayed monster eugenics. However, after hearing why Gauma was fighting, the pilots were able to unite and unite. Still, it was a difficult battle until the team realized that Burnadon needed air to cause the explosion. They took part in the battle into space, destroyed his body with a Dynazenon full burst, and when his head attempted a final attack, they transformed into Dynalex and destroyed him with Rexfang. After the defeat of Garnicks, life seemed to return to normal as monster eugenics ran out of monster seeds. After trying to attack Mugwort and Yume, Sism defeated Knight, unleashed Gagra and destroyed the city. Knight as Emperor of the Grid Knight fought against Gagra but lost while Yomogi, Yume, and Second took care of Gauma. After that, the mugwort and others took out the parts from Dynazenon and finally flew together. Despite their teamwork, they were still overwhelmed by Gagula until Yomogi used Instance Mastery to move his chin up and present a target for others to attack. They did their best to defeat Gagra and the monster eugenics scholar. However, Dynazenon has lost its color and Gauma appears to be dying.
Three months later, they visit the bridge where Gauma built a house in front of Knight and the second departure with Dynalex and Goldburn. They reach another computer world where Dynalex wakes up again


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