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  1. Paper Toys Gundam

    Gundam paper toy
  2. Mecha SD Voltus V [ver.Zp]

    SD Voltus V [ver.Zp] Instruction: PDO Chōdenji Machine Voltes V (Japanese: 超電磁マシーン ボルテスV, Hepburn: Chōdenji Mashīn Borutesu Faibu, lit. "Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V"), popularly known simply as Voltes V (pronounced as ”Voltes Five”) is a Japanese anime television series produced by...
  3. SD Gundam SD Gundam BB Senshi RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium"

    SD Gundam BB Senshi RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium" Instruction: PDO 07/07/20: OPEN FOR ALL TRIAL BUILD. *.PDO file only. No decals/textures. Weapons and Stand NOT INCLUDED. (please excuse the parts arrangement, i got very lazy.)
  4. Five Star Stories FSS - Phantom [One Star]

    FSS - Phantom [One Star] Instruction: PDO
  5. Mecha Cybuster [Unknown]

    Cybuster [Unknown] Instruction: PDO
  6. Others LBX - Epsilon

    LBX - Epsilon UC Instruction: PDF Epsilon (イプシロン) is Ban Yamano's newest LBX and handmade by Junichirou Yamano as Odin's successor. Its exclusive in the Danball Senki BOOST (the remake version of Danball Senki), and can be obtained after you cleared the game, and completed the designated quest...
  7. Mecha [Armored Core] SD Nineball [Kite]

    [Armored Core] SD Nine Ball [Kite] Instruction: PDO
  8. Gundam Geno Cider [Goldenglue]

    Geno Cider [Goldenglue] Instruction: JPG
  9. Mecha Gaogaigar (With Dividing Driver and Goldion Hammer) [Goldenglue]

    Gaogaigar (With Dividing Driver and Goldion Hammer) [Goldenglue] Instruction: PDO [Goldenglue] - Dividing Driver [Goldenglue] - Goldion Hammer
  10. Others Gear Fighter Dendoh [Cream Bread]

    Gear Fighter Dendoh [Cream Bread] Instruction: PDO
  11. Mecha [Megazone 23 III] EX-Garland [toyoppe]

    [Megazone 23 III] EX-Garland [toyoppe] Instruction: JPG
  12. Mecha Gaiking [Zell2007]

    Gaiking PDF password : zell2007 Instruction: JPG
  13. Mecha [Armored Core] Nineball [Kite]

    [Armored Core] Nineball Ver. Kite Instruction: PDO
  14. Mecha [Armored Core] Poseable Test AC

    [Armored Core] Poseable Test AC Ver. FarNoise Instruction: PDF
  15. Mecha Combattler V [Goldenglue]

    [Goldenglue] Combattler V Instruction: PDO
  16. Mecha Shin Getter Robo 1 [Goldenglue]

    Shin Getter Robo 1 [Goldenglue] Instruction: PDO
  17. Mecha Mazinkaiser

    instruction: POD
  18. Mecha Mazinger Z

    instruction: PDO
  19. Mecha Getter Robo BLACK version [Sentino]

    [Sentino] Getter Robo BLACK version Instruction: PDO
  20. Others [Zoids] Shield Liger [SONICZERO]

    [Zoids] Shield Liger [SONICZERO] instruction: PDO
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