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  1. Others [Armored Core] Poseable Test AC

    [Armored Core] Poseable Test AC Ver. FarNoise Instruction: PDF
  2. Others Combattler V [Goldenglue]

    [Goldenglue] Combattler V Instruction: PDO
  3. Others Shin Getter Robo 1 [Goldenglue]

    Shin Getter Robo 1 [Goldenglue] Instruction: PDO
  4. Others Mazinkaiser

    instruction: POD
  5. Others Mazinger Z

    instruction: PDO
  6. Others Getter Robo BLACK version [Sentino]

    [Sentino] Getter Robo BLACK version Instruction: PDO
  7. Others [Zoids] Shield Liger [SONICZERO]

    [Zoids] Shield Liger [SONICZERO] instruction: PDO
  8. Others Silvine cat (movable)

    IMG + AI + PDF (weapon) + Instruction anime Kyatto Ninden Teyandee.
  9. Others KaryCat Superman (recolor)

    fan's recolor PNG + Instruction (pdo)
  10. Others KaryCat Green Lantern (recolor)

    fan's recolor PNG + Instruction (pdo)
  11. Others KaryCat Flash (recolor)

    fan's recolor PNG + Instruction (pdo)
  12. Others KaryCat Batman (recolor)

    fan's recolor PNG + Instruction (pdo)
  13. Others PTX-003C Alt Eisen

    PTX-003C Alt Eisen instruction: PDO
  14. Others Sky Destroyer

    Sky Destroyer
  15. Others XD - 01SR Dragonar 1 Custom

    XD - 01SR Dragonar 1 Custom Papercraft
  16. Others [Code Geass] Z-01 Lancelot

    Z - 01 Lancelot (code geass) Instruction: PDO
  17. Transformer Optimus Prime SD

    Optimus Prime SD Instruction: PDO
  18. Others Star GaoGaiGar

    Star GaoGaiGar Instruction: PDO
  19. Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam

    RX - 78 -2 Gundam Instructrion: PDO
  20. Anime Chibi [Super Robot Wars] Dygenguar Baby

    [Gundam] Dygenguar Baby Instruction: JPG
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