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  1. Game League of Legends Mecha Kha'Zix - Kha'Zix Máy Móc

    Mecha Kha'Zix Model full 7 Đa sắc Resources: Riot Game- League of Legends Author: Edit and Unfold by...
  2. Game League of Legends Pumkin ( Cassiopeia Feiticeira )

    Pumkin( Cassiopeia Feiticeira) 1 tờ 46 parts Thật kute cho 1 món phụ kiện khi biến về của nàng rắn Cassiopeia Phù Thủy, mình có thêm vào vài cái đa sắc cho bộ sưu tập sinh động hơn. Có tải về thì xin 1 like, để lại 1 cmt cho mình biết nhé !
  3. Game League of Legends Original Nautilus

    Original Nautilus Resources: Riot-League Of Legends Kích thước 25cm, nếu cầm vũ khí là 30cm 13 tờ 126 parts, mình đã edit các phần thân, tay chân, vũ khí riêng, nên rất dễ làm. Vị tướng đầu tay hoàn chỉnh mình tự rã skin/ edit/ unfold( Không tính Malphite Đại Pháo, Beemo vì mấy con đó đăng "tào...
  4. Roly Poly

    Tutorial Cách "rã đông" skin trong League Of Legends

    Hướng dẫn rã " đông " skin trong LMHT, có thể có nhiều bạn biết và có nhiều bạn chưa biết. Đầu tiên bạn cần có 1 con game Liên Minh Huyền Thoại đã cài sẵn trong máy, thứ 2 cài 1 số phần mềm sau: -OBSIDIAN: -LOL2GLTF...
  5. Game Super Mario Princess Peach ver.2

    Princess Peach ver.2 papercraft Peach has made guest appearances in non-Mario games . She is a playable guest character in Electronic Arts GameCube games such as NBA Street V3 and SSX on Tour . She appeared on a painting in Hyrule Castle in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time . Peach's toy...
  6. Motorcycle KartRider: Stormblade HT

    KartRider: Stormblade HT papercraft This is the standard Stormblade vehicle in the game KartRider. Comes with a base and some wheels included.
  7. Game Halo Infinity Base

    Halo Infinity Base Papercraft Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter akin to past Halo games. Players use weapons and vehicles commonly found in the Halo series, such as the Warthog. The game adds new abilities for player character Master Chief such as the Grapple Shot, which pulls him towards...
  8. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - HAYABUSA helmet

    para acabar a serie de armaduras de halo 3 lendária hayabusa - to end hayabusa's legendary halo 3 armor series
  9. Accessories Shield Epic Game

    16Shield Epic Game Papercraft
  10. Game Among Us Killer (High quality Texture Ver. )

    Among Us Killer (High quality Texture Ver. ) Papercraft Among Us is a multiplayer (online) game that allows 4 - 15 people to play together. 1 to 3 of them are randomly selected as impostors or murderers (Impostors), and the rest are crew members or crew members (Crewmates). The game can take...
  11. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - SCOUT helmet

    [Halo] HALO 3 - SCOUT helmet Papercraft a terceira e ultima postagem de hoje , sendo agora o capacete scout de halo 3 - the third and last post today , now being the halo 3 scout helmet
  12. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - MARK VI helmet

    [Halo] HALO 3 - MARK VI helmet Papercraft ele ... talvez o capacete mais famoso da franquia halo e do mundo dos jogos - he ... perhaps the most famous helmet in the halo franchise and in the gaming world
  13. Game Figure [Genshin Impact] Kamisato Ayaka Kimono

    [Genshin Impact] Kamisato Ayaka Kimono Papercraft a linda kamisato ayaya com seu belo kimono para alguns que acharão feia sua skin no jogo ... que eu achei bonita - the beautiful kamisato ayaya with her beautiful kimono for some who will find her skin ugly in the game ... which I found beautiful
  14. Head Wearable Fortnite - All Hallow's Steve Mask

    Fortnite - All Hallow's Steve Mask papercraft All Hallow’s Steve – Peely, Meowscales & Fishstick On the occasion of Halloween 2021 Fortnite has some interesting plans for all the fans and players out there. Fortnite always surprises its players with unexpected collaborations and events. However...
  15. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - SECURITY helmet

    [Halo] HALO 3 - SECURITY helmet Papercraft igual ao capacete eva agora pouco , o security , que eu só acho meio feio no halo reach - just like the eva helmet, the security one, which i just think is a bit ugly in the halo reach
  16. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - EVA helmet

    [Halo] HALO 3 - EVA helmet Papercraft um clássico o capacete eva , que eu no inicio eu não gostava mas hoje em dia é um dos que eu mais gosto muito dele - a classic the eva helmet, which i didn't like at first but nowadays it's one of the ones i like the most
  17. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - EOD helmet

    esse eu acho um dos capacetes de halo com o design mais maneiro - this one i think is one of the coolest design halo helmets
  18. Head Wearable [Halo] HALO 3 - CQB helmet

    mais um capacete o ,CQB muito famoso por ser o capacete da SPARTAN Daisy-023 no episodio 4 - Homecoming - another helmet the CQB, very famous for being the helmet of SPARTAN Daisy-023 in episode 4 - Homecoming
  19. Game Figure [Genshin Impact] Aether

    hoje ele , o gêmeo menos popular ... é ... eu prefiro ele do que a lumine - today he , the least popular twin ... yeah ... i prefer him than lumine
  20. Game Chibi [Halo] Master Chief and Cortana

    [Halo] Master Chief and Cortana Chibi Version Papercraft Cortana, UNSC Artificial intelligence (SN: CTN 0452-9), was a smart artificial intelligence construct. She was one of the most important figures in the Human-Covenant war, and was also John-117's partner in various combat missions as...