dc comics

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  1. Wall hanging DC Universe Batman

    Batman wall decor papercraft Height: 486 x Width: 416 x Depth: 150mm
  2. DC Universe Batman Yellow Lantern Ver. 2

    Batman Yellow Lantern Ver. 2 papercraft Why is Batman not a Yellow Lantern? When Sinestro was first forming his Sinestro Corps, the ring assigned to Sector 2814 flew directly to Bruce Wayne. He rejected it. Quite a trick, considering that Sinestro's rings were not asking for permission or...
  3. DC Universe Cyborg

    Cyborg papercraft Victor Stone was a high school athlete at odds with his brilliant scientist father Silas Stone. As the New God Darkseid initiated an invasion of Earth, Vic was caught in an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs when a nearby Father Box detonated. Vic's father saved his life by using...
  4. DC Universe Funko Pop! Batman Pajamas

    Funko Pop! Batman Pajamas Papercraft Size: 65cm
  5. Movie Low Poly DC Universe The Suicide Squad: King Shark

    The Suicide Squad: King Shark low poly papercraft Dimensions: 1000 x 713 x 616 mm King Shark is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The character, also known as Nanaue, was created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett. King Shark's first key...
  6. DC Universe Green Lantern Ver. 2

    Green Lantern Ver. 2 papercraft
  7. DC Universe Superman (Bust)

    Superman (Bust) Papercraft
  8. DC Universe The Flash (Bust)

    The Flash (Bust) Papercraft
  9. DC Universe Batman (Classic)

    Batman (Classic) Papercraft
  10. DC Universe Batman Beyond Ver. 3

    Batman Beyond Ver. 3 papercraft
  11. DC Universe Bane

    Bane papercraft Bane is an escaped convict from an island prison in South America and a super-villain/assassin. Bane has abnormal physical strength as a result of having undergone experiments involving a derivative of the drug Venom. He became known as "The Man Who Broke the Bat" when he broke...
  12. Light Box [DC Comics] Harley Quinn

    [DC Comics] Harley Quinn Light Box
  13. Wall hanging DC Universe Batman logo ver. Bumagid

    Batman logo papercraft ver. Bumagid Dimensions: 600 x 47 x 193 mm
  14. Wall hanging DC Universe Batman logo wall decor

    Batman logo wall decor papercraft
  15. DC Universe Green Arrow

    DC - Green Arrow papercraft 425 x 277 x 294 mm
  16. Paper Toys Funko Pop! DC Heroes - Rudolph Flash

    Funko Pop! DC Heroes - Rudolph Flash paper toy Dimensions: 200 x 188 x 121 mm
  17. DC Universe [DC Comics] Cat Woman

    [DC Comics] Cat Woman papercraft ‣ 400 x 192 x 115 mm Catwoman is a Gotham City burglar who typically wears a tight, one-piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon. She was originally characterized as a supervillain and adversary of Batman, but she has been featured in a series since the...
  18. Light Box [DC Comics] Batman - Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)

    Light Box [DC Comics] Batman - Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)
  19. Light Box [DC Comics] Flash

    Light Box [DC Comics] Flash
  20. Light Box [DC Comics] Batman Ver. 5

    Ligh Box [DC Comics] Batman Ver. 5