1. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Infernus

    [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Infernus papercraft The Infernus is a supercar that was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, has appeared in every GTA title since (except Grand Theft Auto Advance) and has gained a reputation for being one of the oldest sports cars
  2. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Police Car

    [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Police Car papercraft Police cars are emergency service vehicles used by the police. The cars begin to chase the protagonist of each Grand Theft Auto game when they have received either a police head or wanted star. Police cars are known by different names in different...
  3. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Patriot (Hummer)

    [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Patriot (Hummer) papercraft The Patriot is depicted as a large SUV, employed by both the military and civilians, meant to parody the Hummer lineup, as well as its military counterpart, the AM General HMMWV. Patriot has appeared in almost every Grand Theft Auto games since...
  4. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Stallion

    [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Stallion papercraft The Stallion is a muscle car featured in every Grand Theft Auto title, with the exceptions of Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto: London and Grand Theft Auto Advance. In Grand Theft Auto, the Stallion resembles a 1967–1969 Chevrolet Camaro. However...
  5. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Cabbie the Taxi

    [GTA] Cabbie the Taxi papercraft The Cabbie is a four-door taxicab featured in the Grand Theft Auto series.
  6. Road vehicles [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Vapid Hellenbach (Shelby Mustang GT500)

    [GTA: Chinatown Wars] Vapid Hellenbach (Shelby Mustang GT500) papercraft The Vapid Hellenbach is a muscle car featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is notable for its use as the official gang car of the Triads. From the looks of the body, its muscle car style, and the papercraft, the...
  7. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI ROMA

    FERRARI ROMA Papercraft depois de muito tempo trago uma Ferrari , isso metras velhas lembransas - after a long time i bring a ferrari, it brings me old memories
  8. Road vehicles Sport Car 1989 Zakspeed 891 Yamaha

    1989 Zakspeed 891 Yamaha papercraft The Zakspeed 891 was a Formula One racing car built by the German racing team Zakspeed for the 1989 season. The car was designed by Paul Brown and powered by a 3.5-liter, naturally aspirated V8 engine developed by Zakspeed. The car featured a carbon fiber...
  9. Antique Car Volkswagen Beetle 1963 / Herbie

    Volkswagen Beetle 1963 / Herbie Fully Loaded papercraft Herbie is a classic Volkswagen Beetle. He is a little strange, in his mechanical body lives a tender and vulnerable soul romance and the dream of becoming the winner of the most prestigious ring races in the world. Finally, his dream comes...
  10. Road vehicles Sport Car MERCEDES BENZ CLR LM

    MERCEDES BENZ CLR LM Papercraft considerado um dos carros mais fracassados das 24h de le Mans - considered one of the most failed cars of the 24 hours of le mans
  11. Road vehicles Sport Car MERCEDES BENZ 190 EVO II

    MERCEDES BENZ 190 EVO II Papercraft a clássica Mercedes Benz 190e evo II que uma conhecido como o carro do protagonista de NFS unbound - the classic mercedes benz 190e evo II that is known as the car of the protagonist of NFS unbound
  12. Road vehicles Antique Car VOLKSWAGEN BRASILIA

    VOLKSWAGEN BRASILIA Papercraft o carro da família brasileira a clássica e marcante Brasília - the brazilian family car the classic and striking Brasília
  13. Road vehicles Sport Car VOLKSWAGEN SP2

    VOLKSWAGEN SP2 Papercraft o verdadeiro esportivo brasileiro da Volks ... nem venha dizer que ele não tem potencia - the true brazilian sports car from volks... don't even say that it doesn't have power
  14. Road vehicles Sport Car BMW M1 PROCAR - nelson piquet

    BMW M1 PROCAR - nelson piquet Papercraft lindo não é o primeiro esportivo da BMW , desenvolvido com um pouco de ajuda da lamborghini ficando aqui com sua pintura da BMW procar do brasileiro tri campeão mundial Nelson Piquet - pretty it is no the first BMW sports car , developed with a little...
  15. Road vehicles Sport Car MERCEDES BENZ CLK GTR

    MERCEDES BENZ CLK GTR Papercraft o raríssimo Mercedes CLK GTR um carro extremamente lindo pra min - the very rare Mercedes CLK GTR an extremely beautiful car for me
  16. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI - Coloridas

    FERRARI - Coloridas papercraft como prometido ontem , as ferraris de outras cores não postadas aqui - as promised yesterday , the ferraris of other colors not posted here exe -
  17. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI 599 GTB

    FERRARI 599 GTB Papercraft seguindo a linha do segmento GT na Ferrari , agora sendo sensacional Ferrari 599 GTB - following the gt segment line at ferrari, now being sensational ferrari 599 gtb
  18. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI 575M MARANELLO

    FERRARI 575M MARANELLO Papercraft a única Ferrari mantida por Rubens Barrichello a bela Ferrari 5757m maranello (exceto que a dele é preta) - the only Ferrari owned by Rubens barrichello the beautiful ferrari 5757m maranello (except his is black)
  19. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI SF90

    FERRARI SF90 Papercraft bem aqui uma Ferrari considerada esteticamente bem feia mas e bonita para min - well here a ferrari considered aesthetically very ugly but beautiful for me
  20. Road vehicles Sport Car FERRARI 512BB

    FERRARI 512BB Papercraft bom ... ainda de mau humor por hoje trago a vocês uma Ferrari única a 512bb ou brigitte bar ... digo boxer berlineta - well ... still in a bad mood for today I bring you a unique 512bb ferrari or brigitte bar ... i mean berlinet boxer