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[SSSS.Dynazenon] Dyna Striker papercraft​

It looks like mini 4wd toy, you can get the pattern and manual​


During every other education session, Yomogi and Koyomi check combining Dyna Soldier and Dyna Striker collectively into Dyna Soldier Striker Combine, however discover the aggregate too pinnacle heavy to apply effectively. Yomogi and Yume then pass meet Urita, who indicates them a video of Kano, however doesn`t recognise an awful lot extra approximately her. Koyomi has lunch with Inamoto-san, and he wonders why she abruptly desires to spend time with him despite the fact that she is married. Meanwhile, Chise secures tickets to the Tokyo Beach Land water park. Yume invitations Sizumu to sign up for them figuring it's far the precise possibility for them to seize him even as he's separated from the opposite Kaiju Eugenicists. However, the organization except Gauma spend the day having amusing even as Gauma attempts to seize Sizumu however is usually thwarted through the park lifeguard. Sizumu then exhibits to Yomogi and Yume that kaiju are interested in positive feelings earlier than the opposite Kaiju Eugenicists summon him to take manage of a lately regarded kaiju. The Dynazenon group gather to combat it, and Yomogi and Koyomi manipulate to apply Dyna Soldier Striker Combine's firepower to stun the kaiju lengthy sufficient for them to mix into Dynazenon and defeat it. Yomogi and Yume then pass meet the previous vp of the Chorus Club, who tells Yume that there has been a rumor that Kano did not die in an accident, however dedicated suicide instead.
In a assembly Yume is disturbed upon rumors that Kano turned into being bullied through her classmates that may probable have brought about her committing suicide. However, the video proof she perspectives is not conclusive and Yomogi feels afflicted whilst Yume begins offevolved shutting him out. The Kaiju Eugenicists have their personal assembly, with Juuga and Onija advocating for killing Gauma and his buddies however Sizumu believes maintaining them alive will gain kaiju evolution, even as Mujina stays undecided. Meanwhile, Koyomi has a few liquids with Iwamoto and is delivered to her husband, developing a sense of resentment in him. After the assembly, a inebriated Koyomi stumbles throughout Mujina, who takes the possibility to thieve the Dyna Striker from him. Once again, the Kaiju Eugenicists are cut up with Juuga trying use it as bargaining chip, Onija trying to ruin it, and Sizumu trying to go back it with out a conditions. Once studying approximately what happened, Gauma, Koyomi and Chise chase after the Kaiju Eugenicists and take Dyna Striker back. After escaping, the Kaiju Eugenicists discover every other kaiju this is ruled through the mixed efforts of Onija and Mujina. The Dynazenon group confront the enemy kaiju, however Yomogi, Koyomi and Yume are emotionally shaken through the ultra-modern activities of their lives and shortage the clear up to combat back. Just as Dynazenon is set to be defeated, Gridknight seems to guard it.
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