squid game

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Norman Von Schmeling
I was shocked to see the staff's "You don't respect the commenters" and didn't post it. The first is an article asking to be recklessly shared. Second. Both the place of purchase and the name of the author are already written in the text. I really don't know what kind of respect I should give. Is it just to give me what I bought as a paid service? Or is it to re-copy and rewrite the text of the text... I just want the gallery bulletin board on this site to be active. There is no other intention.

A scene from the squid game was expressed. This is a model that I added as a basic model of fovea viewer's bidou potate. In the drama, the host kills many participants. So I made it with the mindset that you should try it too. I tried to express a character that was beaten in the face after losing the game and a character that was excited by winning. This model is made with the parts I added, so there are no separate drawings. Please understand that we cannot give you a share request. thank you *^^*

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