1. Low Poly Others Star for the tree

    It was traditional to decorate the top of the Christmas tree with a star. The star is the obligatory and most noticeable decoration of the Christmas tree. Dimentions - 20х21х5см
  2. Cartoon Walt Disney Snow White ver. 2

    [Walt Disney] Snow White ver. 2 Snow White was a main character in Disney's first 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . She is a little princess; "The most beautiful person in the world", whose beauty is defined by her inherent kindness and purity. Soon after finding love for a...
  3. Game Super Mario Christmas Mario & Snowman

    Christmas Mario & Snowman papercraft Dimensions: Christmas Mario: 250 x 208 x 147 mm (9 sheets, 64 parts) Mario Snowman: 200 x 103 x 126 mm (5 sheets, 39 parts) Mario is the main character of the Super Mario Bros. video game series, and the mascot of the video game company Nintendo. Originally...
  4. Chibi Virtual idol Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku Snow Avatar

    Hatsune Miku Snow Avatar chibi papercraft Crypton Future Media VOCALOIDs have appeared in 2013 calendars. And a manicure set which feature varnish corresponding to the character's color.
  5. Low Poly Snowman

    Snowman by WonderMingStudio low poly papercraft Printed on A4 paper 160-300gsm 300mm Height 240mm wide 180-mm deep
  6. Light Box [Merry Christmas] Snow

    Light Box - [Merry Christmas] Snow 207 x 207 x 63 mm
  7. Virtual idol Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid] Snow Miku: Twinkle Snow ver.

    [Vocaloid] Snow Miku: Twinkle Snow ver. Papercraft 2017 marks the 8th anniversary of Snow Miku, and the 2017 design was once again selected by fans through online votes between a selection of outfits all submitted to piapro by fans! This year the theme is 'Stars and Constellations of the Winter...
  8. Chibi Virtual idol Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid] Hatsune Miku Snow Moon Chibi

    [Vocaloid] Hatsune Miku Snow Moon Chibi papercraft "moon" is a song featuring Hatsune Miku by iroha(sasaki). It is iroha(sasaki)'s first original VOCALOID work. The lyrics are somewhat vague, but a common interpretation is that Miku is in fact the moon, and is singing about always being by...
  9. Virtual idol Hatsune Miku Miku gift heart (Snow miku 2012)

    Miku gift heart (Snow miku 2012) papercraft The Snow Miku: Fluffy Coat ver. announced back in 2012 is joining the figma series at long last! Her fluffy coat and ribbon with a jewel in the center all come together for a cute and stylish Snow Miku!