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  1. Mechanical VOTOMS - X-ATH-02-DT - Rabidly Dog

    Mechanical VOTOMS - X-ATH-02-DT - Rabidly Dog Papercraft
  2. Mechanical VOTOMS - ATM-09-ST - Scope Dog

    Mechanical VOTOMS - ATM-09-ST - Scope Dog Papercraft
  3. Mechanical ATH-11-SA Gustydog - ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS

    Mechanical ATH-11-SA Gustydog - ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS Papercraft
  4. Mechanical BATH-XX - Ecrevisse

    BATH-XX - Ecrevisse Papercraft Developed as the successor to the Fatty, and based on the Strike Dog, the Ballarant Army's heavyweight AT, Eccurubis, is finally here!
  5. Game Mass Effect: KEI9 Fenris Robodog

    Mass Effect: KEI9 Fenris Robodog papercraft Dimensions:HxWxD 20x12x29 (cm) In the Mass Effect 3 video game, one of the non-playable characters is a robot named "Kei-9". With a label on its side that reads "Robo Super Dog," Kei-9's function is to be a pet. This paper model of Kei-9 was created by...
  6. SD Gundam Earthree Gundam Papercraft (ver. 3D LazzyCat)

    Earthree Gundam Papercraft (ver. 3D LazzyCat) The PFF-X7/E3 Earthree Gundam (アースリィガンダム?) is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE. A variant of the PFF-X7 Core Gundam, it is built and piloted by Hiroto Kuga. It is known as PFF-X7II/E3 Earthree Gundam when used with the PFF-X7II Core...
  7. Others RoboCain v2

    RoboCain v2 papercraft H300 W291 D194 mm This version is simpler than the previous version of Firefox (you can find it in the paperzonevn library). This project was an attempt to supplant RoboCop. The mastermind was Dr. Juliette Faxx, who noted that the original subject for said project was...
  8. Others Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Thundersaurus Megazord

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Thundersaurus Megazord papercraft The base Megazord itself was never replaced with an upgrade (like the Shogun Megazord or Super Zeo Megazord), but its arms can be replaced with other Zords. It was destroyed along with the Mezodon Megazord and Zelzord. When combined...
  9. Others Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - GaoHunter

    Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - GaoHunter papercraft Size: 30CM Hyakujuu Gattai GaoHunter (百獣合体ガオハンター Hyakujū Gattai GaoHantā), also known as Advent (降臨 Kōrin), is the combination of GaoSilver's Power Animals.
  10. Others Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - GaoKing

    Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - GaoKing papercraft Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー, Hyakujū Sentai Gaorenjā, Hundred Beasts Squad Gaoranger) is Toei's twenty-fifth production of the Super Sentai metaseries airing in 2001 and celebrated the franchise's 25th anniversary. Footage from this show...
  11. Others [Pacific Rim] Jaeger Striker Eureka [Paper Replika]

    [Pacific Rim] Jaeger Striker Eureka [Paper Replika] Papercraft Striker Eureka is a Mark-5 Australian Jaeger designed to defend the coastline of Australia from the Kaiju. It was the first and last Mark-5 Jaeger in service and the last Jaeger to be constructed before its destruction in 2025...
  12. Others Dennou Boukenki Webdiver: MODEROID Gladion

    The main Web Knights. They can changes mode or evolved by fusing with other Support Web Knights and for Gladion, can also fused with Sub-main ones. In one episode, they can fuse each other. Gladion (グラディオン Guradion?) a gladiator :Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita, pilot: Kento Yuki, One of the...
  13. Gundam Others TK53 mobile worker ground Type (Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS)

    TK53 mobile worker ground Type (Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS) papercraft The TK-53 CGS Mobile Worker (aka Tekkadan Mobile Worker) is a mobile weapon featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. Technology & Combat Characteristics Used for combat duty...
  14. Others Retro Robot

    Retro Robot papercraft Retro Robot is a masked celebrity contestant on the second season of The Masked Singer New Zealand. • Height 11.8 inches (300 mm) • Depth 6.3 inches (161 mm) • Width 8.1 inches (206 mm)
  15. Others ATM-09-ST ScopeDog

    ATM-09-ST ScopeDog papercraft ATM-09-ST Scopedog is a memory card summon character in Lawler-RPG - The Side Stories. It originates from Armored Trooper VOTOMS. It can be found in Chapter 16.

    NU GUNDAM HIGH STREAMER papercraft Mobile Suit Gundam High-Streamer (機動戦士ガンダムハイ・ストリーマー Kidō Senshi Gandamu Hai Sutoriimaa?) is a novel written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Originally titled Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア Kidō Senshi Gandamu: Gyakushū no Shā?), the novel...
  17. Others [SSSS.Dynazenon] Dyna Diver

    Dyna Diver Papercraft From SSSS Dynazenon simple papercraft The printout is a PNG file, in color, or you can use the PDO version to print on colored paper if you don't like the colors available. Dynazenon (Dynazenon) is a giant mecha bearing the name of SSSS.DYNAZENON. Summoned by Gauma to...
  18. Movie Captain Nova: ADD

    Captain Nova: ADD papercraft Papercraft of the robot ADD from the movie Captain Nova The Dutch science fiction film Captain Nova is the big winner of Cinekid. The robot ADD has an important role as a sidekick of Nova who returns from the future to save the earth from a climate disaster. For the...
  19. Others SD Dino Megazord [Patm]

    Power Ranger: SD Dino Megazord papercraft Dimensions: 23 cm (Height) An even greater weapon against evil, the Dino Megazord is a powerful amalgam of the 5 Dinozords. It had two stages: Tank Mode and Battle Mode. Dino Megazord Tank Mode traveled on treads and wheels from the Triceratops and...
  20. Others Po Do Dae Jang [Gwi Jang]

    Po Do Dae Jang [Gwi Jang] papercraft no information for this character.