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  1. Chibi One Piece Donquixote Doflamingo (Chibi) Ver.2

    Donquixote Doflamingo (Chibi) Ver.2 Papercraft Password on Video, 6 characters : (_ _ _ _ _ _) Donquixote Doflamingo, nicknamed "Heavenly Yaksha", is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. Prior to his imprisonment, he was a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea with a frozen bounty of...
  2. Chibi One Piece Brook New World Chibi (Ver.2)

    Brook New World Chibi (Ver.2) Papercraft Password on Video, 6 character : (_ _ _ _ _ _) "Soul King" Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of their two swordsmen. He is the ninth member of the crew and the eighth to join, doing so at the end of the Thriller Bark Arc. Brook...
  3. Chibi One Piece Crocodile Chibi (Ver.2)

    Crocodile Chibi (Ver.2) Papercraft "Desert King" Sir Crocodile is the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works, formerly operating under the codename "Mr. 0", with Nico Robin, formerly known as "Miss All Sunday", operating as his Vice-President and partner. He was the...
  4. Anime One Piece Paper Toys Monkey D. Luffy Funko

    One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy Funko papercraft Monkey D. Luffy, additionally regarded as " Straw Hat Luffy" and usually as "Straw Hat", is the principle protagonist of the manga and anime, One Piece. He is the founder and captain of the more and more more notorious and effective Straw Hat...
  5. Anime One Piece Monkey D. Luffy (Wano Arc)

    Monkey D. Luffy (Wano Arc) Papercraft Password on Video, 6 characters: (_ _ _ _ _ _)
  6. Anime Chibi One Piece Nico Robin

    Nico Robin Papercraft Instruction:
  7. Anime Chibi One Piece Charloss

    Charloss Papercraft Instruction:
  8. Chibi One Piece Tony Tony Chopper

    Tony Tony Chopper Papercraft Instruction:
  9. Anime One Piece Nami (Alabasta)

    Nami (Alabasta) Papercraft "Cat Burglar" Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the third member of the crew and the second to join, doing so during the Orange Town Arc. She is the adoptive sister of Nojiko after the two were orphaned and taken in by Bell-mère. She was...
  10. Anime One Piece Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Trafalgar D. Water Law Papercraft Trafalgar D. Water Law, more commonly known as just Trafalgar Law (トラファルガー・ロー Torafarugā Rō?) and by his epithet as the "Surgeon of Death", is a pirate from North Blue and the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. He is one of twelve pirates who are referred...
  11. Anime One Piece Franky (Before Timeskip)

    Franky (Before Timeskip) Papercraft "Iron Man" Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the crew's eighth member and the seventh to join, doing so at the end of the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. Born "Cutty Flam", he chose to go by his nickname of "Franky" until eventually...
  12. Anime One Piece Silvers Rayleigh

    Silvers Rayleigh Papercraft Silvers Rayleigh also known as the "Dark King", is an extremely powerful and famous retired pirate who formerly served as the first mate of the legendary Roger Pirates being known as the "Right Hand of the Pirate King". Rayleigh is one of the major figures, along...
  13. Figure One Piece General Franky

    One Piece: General Franky papercraft Dimensions: H30 x W35 cm General Franky is a giant robot modeled after Franky. It is made by "docking" the Kurosai FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V. Though several times the size of the average person, it is still smaller than Chopper in his Monster Point...
  14. Anime One Piece Shimotsuki Ryuma (Wanted Wall)

    Shimotsuki Ryuma (Wanted Wall) Papercraft Instruction:
  15. Anime One Piece Gecko Moria (Wanted Wall)

    Gecko Moria (Wanted Wall) Papercraft Instruction:
  16. Anime One Piece Monkey D Luffy (Wanted Wall)

    Monkey D Luffy (Wanted Wall) Papercraft Instruction:
  17. Anime One Piece Sanji

    Sanji Papercraft
  18. Anime One Piece Nami

    Nami Papercraft
  19. Anime One Piece Usopp

    Usopp Papercraft
  20. Anime One Piece Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Papercraft