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  1. Mechanical Megazord and Dragonzord( Có thể gattai và transforms)

    Update Megazord và Dragonzord, có thể gattai và transform nhẹ Megazord 14 tờ Dragonzord 16 tờ Phần chân phải tay phải nhớ in ngược lại nhé, mình ko rành lật file nên ko để pass bạn nào lật được chỉ giúp nhé.
  2. Mechanical Others [Superwomen in Love] Shirayurioh

    [Superwomen in Love] Shirayurioh Papercraft Shirayurioh In the manga Superwomen in love!, the villain Honey Trap falls in love with the superhero of justice, Rapid Rabbit. [Superwomen in Love] Cross Kaiser Papercraft
  3. Mechanical Others [Superwomen in Love] Cross Kaiser

    [Superwomen in Love]Cross Kaiser by Rmat2004 Papercraft Cross Kaiser is another version of Shirayurioh from manga superwomen in love
  4. Others Getter Robot G (all 3 Robots Dragon/Liger/Poseidon, all 3 Spacecraft)

    Getter Robot G (all 3 Robots Dragon/Liger/Poseidon, all 3 Spacecraft) Papercraft This is from the same page as the other Getter Robot which I previously posted, but unfortunately there are no assembly photos. The blog which had them [Robot Island] has been closed for some time, before I could...
  5. Mechanical Others Sengoku Majin GoShogun

    Sengoku Majin GoShogun Papercraft GoShogun (戦国魔神ゴーショーグン, Sengoku Majin GōShōgun) is a super robot anime series created by Takeshi Shudo. It was produced and aired in 1981 in Japan, with a movie special released in 1982 and a film sequel, GoShogun: The Time Étranger or Time Stranger, in 1985...
  6. Mechanical Others [SSSS.Dynazenon] Dyna Soldier

    [SSSS.Dynazenon] Dyna Soldier Papercraft Dynasoldier (ダイナソルジャー Dainasorujā) is a humanoid dragon-like core robot piloted by Yomogi Asanaka, with Chise Asukagawa being his substitute pilot. It forms the body and head of Dynazenon and Dynarex, as well as the arms of Dynarex.
  7. Others Po Do Dae Jang [Gwi Jang]

    Po Do Dae Jang [Gwi Jang] papercraft no information for this character.
  8. Mechanical Others Bilibili body by Sonar (声纳员)

    Bilibili body by sonar (声纳员) Papercraft Bilibili ( Chinese : 哔哩哔哩, pinyin : Bìlībìlī, also known as B站; literally: B site) is a Chinese animation , manga , and game - centric video sharing website . , where users can post, view and comment on videos . Bilibili uses Adobe Flash or HTML5 players...
  9. Mechanical Robo Zayats

    Mechanical Robo Zayats Papercraft Well, Just You Wait! (Russian: Ну, погоди!, tr. Nu, pogodi!, IPA: [ˈnu pəɡɐˈdʲi]) is a Soviet, later Russian, animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm. In the 2014 all-Russian poll Well, Just You Wait! won by a wide margin as people's favorite...
  10. Mechanical Mechanical Hand

    Mechanical Hand papercraft The Mechanical Hand is the second studio album by Horse the Band, released in 2005 through Combat Records. Music videos were released for the songs "Birdo", "A Million Exploding Suns", and "Lord Gold Throneroom". This is the band's first release with bassist Dashiell...