low poly

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  1. Animals Low Poly Bear

    Bear (медведь) papercraft H: 600mm x W: 380mm x D: 401mm
  2. Animals Low Poly Tiger cub (Тигрёнок)

    Tiger cub (Тигрёнок) papercraft ДЛИНА 368мм ШИРИНА 221мм ВЫСОТА 300мм
  3. Low Poly Wall hanging Gingerbread Cookie head wall

    Gingerbread (Ginger Cookie head wall) low poly wall hanging
  4. Plants Christmas Tree by 3dArt

    Christmas Tree by 3dArt papercraft
  5. Animals Low Poly Tiger

    Tiger papercraft H: 500mm x W: 248mm x D: 1125mm
  6. Animals Beautiful plastic duck

    Beautiful plastic duck, pencil holder, etc. #paparsapaper
  7. Costume Hat New Year 2022 (Hat Year of the Water Tiger)

    Hat New Year 2022 (Hat Year of the Water Tiger) papercraft
  8. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Horse head

    Horse head wall hanging papercraft
  9. Event Wall hanging Christmas Elf come out from the wall

    Christmas Elf come out from the wall papercraft Dimensions: 350 x 230 x 147 mm Christmas elf is a diminutive elf that lives with Santa Claus at the North Pole and acts as his helper. Christmas elves are usually depicted as green- or red-clad, with large, pointy ears and wearing pointy hats...
  10. Low Poly Others New Year 2022 (Основание 2022)

    Коробка надпись 2022 (Box inscription 2022) Шаблон включает 25 страниц и размеры В: 25 см x Ш: 67 см. (Template includes 25 pages and dimensions H: 25cm x W: 67 cm) Желаю тебе повеселиться (Wish you have fun)
  11. Animals Low Poly Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell

    Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell papercraft Size: H: 350mm x W: 431mm x D: 291mm
  12. Low Poly Walt Disney Marvel Universe Spider-Man bust

    Spider-Man bust wall decor papercraft • 4 ready-to-print PDF templates files • 1 detailed PDF instructions sheets **************************************************** PAPER YOU WILL NEED • Recommended thickness : 220/280g • 11 A4 sheets (1 white, 1 black, 2 blue, 7 red) • These colors are...
  13. Decorative Microworld

    Microworld by Papercraft Creatives papercraft
  14. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Chow Chow Blanco Head

    Dog Chow Chow Blanco Head papercraft
  15. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Bull Head Wall Mounted

    buBull Head Wall Mounted papercraft
  16. Low Poly Wall hanging Others Katana With Hand

    Katana With Hand papercraft
  17. Musical Low Poly Others Piano With Hand

    Piano With Hand papercraft
  18. Decorative Lighthouse Picture Frame

    Lighthouse Picture Frame by Maurom Papercraft
  19. Animals Low Poly Moment tenderness of Cat

    Moment tenderness of Cat papercraft Size: H: 40cm x W: 45cm
  20. Aquatic Low Poly Octopus

    Octopus low poly papercraft Dimensions; 300 x 358 x 452 mm