low poly

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  1. Animals Low Poly Penguin Cold by mclours

    Penguin Cold by mclours low poly papercraft Model Dimensions: Height: 250mm, width: 198mm, depth: 176mm Sheet size: A4
  2. Box Festival Low Poly Easter Casket Egg by Paper Boat

    Easter Casket Egg by Paper Boat Low Poly Papercraft Dimensions: 100 x 237 x 372 mm
  3. Box Festival Low Poly Heart box by Paper Boat

    Heart box ❤❤❤ by Paper Boat Low Poly Papercraft Dimensions 86 x 357 x 150 mm
  4. Animals Low Poly Brachiosaurus

    Brachiosaurus Low Poly papercraft Print A4 format Dimensions: 500 x 170 x 592 mm Brachiosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic, about 154 to 150 million years ago
  5. Head Wearable Giraffe Mask For Children by Paper Boat

    Giraffe Mask For Children by Paper Boat Low poly Papercraft Dimensions: 221 x 236 x 132 mm
  6. Low Poly Wall hanging Others Cloud Simple

    Cloud Simple template Papercraft Print in A4 format Dimensions: 150 x 84 x 217mm
  7. Head Wearable Donkey Mask for Children by Paper Boat

    Pattern: Donkey Mask by Paper Boat Papercraft Dimensions: 231 x 130 x 114 mm
  8. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Heart Flat Ver. 2

    Heart Flat Ver. 2 Low Poly Wall Hanging Papercraft Dimension: 350 x 440 x 83 mm in the file there are dxf and svg
  9. Plants Wall hanging Low Poly Flower Simple

    Pattern "Flower" on the wall Low Poly Hanging by Polygonal Sculpture (Paper Boat) papercraft Dimension: 43 x 200 x 231 mm
  10. Insect & Reptile Low Poly Simple Bee

    Bee Simple Low Poly Papercraft Height 15 cm
  11. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Heart Flat

    Wall hanging Heart Flat Pattern Low Poly papercraft Height 25 cm 6 pages
  12. Box Low Poly Box Star

    Pattern "Box Star" Low Poly Papercraft You can stick the number 23 on the flat part Base 25 cm 13 pages
  13. Animals Low Poly Grazing Deer

    Grazing Deer papercraft Dimensions: H700 x W317 x D1011 mm The 1-meter-high paper model depicts a deer eating vegetation such as grass, shrubs, and trees. Using it to decorate will make the scene more vivid.
  14. Submarine Low Poly Submarine

    Low Poly Submarine papercraft
  15. Low Poly Girl Doll by Rodval

    Doll Girl - Rodval Low Poly Papercraft Size: H 250mm x W 130 mm Friends, this is how the final version of this doll looks! We haven't had a free file for a long time, I hope you like it and enjoy it!!! In the color guide the layer was not loaded and everything was blue , but well, in the pieces...
  16. Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Bird wall decor

    Bird wall decor papercraft Dimensions: 73 x 200 x 194 mm 2 sheets of paper for each 20 cm long bird.
  17. Battleship Portuguese Ship low poly

    Portuguese Ship low poly papercraft Dimensions: 363 x 194 x 385 mm A warship with a Portuguese Cross on the sails, armed with 6 cannons in the compartment and 2 cannons on the deck. This is possibly the cutest military model on this site.
  18. Consumables Low Poly Hot dog

    Hot dog papercraft This giant hot dog paper model measures 50 cm long, 10 cm high, and 13 cm wide. Included svg file for cutting machine.
  19. Cartoon Low Poly Wall hanging Walt Disney Aladdin: Jafar Genie

    Walt Disney - Aladdin: Jafar Genie Low poly Papercraft Genie Jafar is the final of the three forms of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin and The Return of Jafar. In this form, Jafar is red, huge, bigger than the good genie, and very muscular. He has the same beard as his human form. Jafar also has...
  20. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Simple Wolf Head - Easy to make