league of legends

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  1. Game League of Legends Karthus

    League of Legends Karthus papercraft File mở = PEPAKURA Designer để edit nha
  2. Game League of Legends Gentleman Cho'Gath

    League of Legends - Gentleman Cho'Gath Papercraft From the first moment Cho'Gath appeared in the blazing sun of Runeterra, the monster was driven by insatiable hunger. The perfect expression of the Void's desire to devour all life, Cho'Gath's complex biological system rapidly metabolizes matter...
  3. Game League of Legends Caitlyn (Classic Skin)

    League of Legends - Caitlyn (Classic Skin) Papercraft Born into a wealthy family influenced by hextech artisans, Caitlyn quickly learned the beautiful words of modern Piltover society, but preferred to spend most of her time exploring. wild lands beyond it.
  4. Game League of Legends Ahri Foxfire - classic

    Ahri Foxfire - classic papercraft A young, talented pyromancer from the Shadowfire Temple, Ahri gave up her quiet life when a faction of extremists unleashed the burning horrors of the Ashen Lord. Now she uses her fire magic to fight against them, even though all hope seems lost.
  5. Game League of Legends Little Knight Amumu

    League of Legends - Little Knight Amumu Papercraft “The gods were angry, and shook the land. Cracks rent the earth” said old Khaldun, his crag-featured face lit by firelight. “It was into one of these fissures that a young man ventured. He found an opening; the entrance to a tomb, hidden for...
  6. Game League of Legends Nurse Akali

    League of Legends - Nurse Akali Papercraft If Akali leaves the ring within its duration, she regains the bonus movement speed while moving towards enemy champions for 2 seconds and gains Swinging Kama for 4 seconds, during which she cannot create another ring. H: 322 mm W: 315 mm D: 417 mm
  7. Game League of Legends Shen (Classic Skin)

    League of Legends - Shen (Classic Skin) Papercraft Among the secretive, Ionian warriors known as the Kinkou, Shen serves as their leader, the Eye of Twilight. He longs to remain free from the confusion of emotion, prejudice, and ego, and walks the unseen path of dispassionate judgment between...
  8. Game Smite: Neith

    Smite: Neith papercraft As the waters continued to form the world and everything within it, Neith's natural instinct to protect and nurture the people led her to champion the hunt. With meat she fed them and with hides she clothed them, but as the people she sought to protect grew old, or sick...