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  1. Festival Halloween Pumpkin #6

    Low Poly - Halloween Pumpkin Scared Papercraft
  2. Festival Halloween Pumpkin #5

    Low Poly - Halloween Pumpkin Laughing papercraft
  3. Festival Halloween Pumpkin #1

    Low Poly - Angry Halloween Pumpkin Papercraft
  4. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Ghost

    Low Poly GHOST (FANTASMA) Papercraft Ghost - Fantasma (Ghost) è un film del 1990 diretto da Jerry Zucker ed interpretato da Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore e Whoopi Goldberg. Ottenne un enorme successo di pubblico, vincendo tra l'altro 2 Oscar: uno per la miglior sceneggiatura originale (consegnato...
  5. Festival Demon Skull

    Demon Skull low poly papercraft • 139x 175 x 129 mm Demon Skull is a material in Dragon Blade RPG. It is a drop from Skeleton Knights. It can also be obtained through purchasing from Nook-e-Mart for 33 Coins.
  6. Festival Halloween Pumpkin

    Halloween Pumpkin papercraft Pumpkin is a pumpkin, a large round orange or dark yellow fruit, the symbol of Halloween. In addition, there is an interesting phrase related to this word "turn into a pumpkin", which refers to what time you go home or go to bed at the end of the day. • 200 x 208...
  7. Light Box Halloween

    Light Box - Halloween
  8. Festival Little Halloween Pumpkins

    Little Halloween Pumpkins Low Poly Papercraft The term jack-o'-lantern was originally used to describe the visual phenomenon ignis fatuus (or, "foolish flame") known as a type of ghost in English folklore. Used especially in East England , the earliest known date of use is in the 1660s. The...
  9. Public Figure Hello Kitty Skeleti Pumpkin Head

    Hello Kitty Skeleti Pumpkin Head Papercraft I got DIY Inspired from this Hello Kitty pumpkin I saw on Pinterest. My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty and so do I! I remember collecting Hello Kitty “stuff” when I was little circa early 80’s. When I saw this pumpkin I HAD to make it for myself…I mean...
  10. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu ( Ver. Witch) (Halloween)

    025 - Pikachu ( Ver. Witch) (Halloween) papercraft When Pikachu meet, they'll touch their tails together and exchange electricity through them as a form of greeting. If it looses crackling power from the electric sacs on its cheeks, it is being wary.
  11. Paper Toys Halloween Ghost

    Halloween Ghost papercraft A ghost is someone who died but whose spirit did not "move on" and who still haunts the Earth. Belief in ghosts is widespread and there are ghost stories from many different countries and cultures. However, the existence of ghosts has not be proven by science and there...
  12. Movie Wall hanging The Grudge: Kayako Saeki

    The Grudge: Kayako Saeki wall hanging papercraft Kayako spent most of her free time with her cat Kuro and was highly anti-social. In the first installment of the Ju-on franchise, Ju-on: The Curse, Kobayashi's wife Manami [sic] remarks that she remembers Kayako from college and that she found her...
  13. Festival Halloween Pumpkin

    Halloween Pumpkin papercraft A jack-o'-lantern (or jack o'lantern) is a carved turnip, pumpkin or other root vegetable lantern, commonly associated with the Halloween holiday. Its name comes from the reported phenomenon of strange lights flickering over peat bogs, called will-o'-the-wisps or...
  14. Festival Jack

    Jack Papercraft Ghosts are bright lights that are seen at night, in addition to cemeteries . This is a natural phenomenon that can be explained by scientific knowledge, not a mystical phenomenon like ghosts .
  15. Paper Toys [Halloween] Lil Death (Thần chết)

    [Halloween] Lil Death (Thần chết) papercraft Death is generally applied to whole organisms; the similar process seen in individual components of an organism, such as cells or tissues, is necrosis. Something that is not considered an organism, such as a virus, can be physically destroyed but is...
  16. Cartoon Walt Disney [The Nightmare Before Christmas] Mayor

    [The Nightmare Before Christmas] Mayor papercraft The Mayor of Halloween Town is a supporting character in Tim Burton's 1993 stop-motion Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He appears to be the Head of Government in Halloween Town albeit most of his authority is ceded to Jack. Like most...
  17. Paper Toys [Halloween] Ouch! My Head!

    [Halloween] Ouch! My Head! papercraft Got no idea for halloween? These skulls can bring an atmosphere of horror but funny. as a bonus, I also include the tombstones cemetery to liven up your Halloween.
  18. Paper Toys Halloween paper toys by Goobeetsa

    Halloween paper toys by Goobeetsa
  19. Movie The Grudge: Kayako Saeki

    [Ju-on] Kayako Saeki papercraft As revealed in Kei Ohishi's official novel, he was very careless on Juon's timeline, but Kayako was often depressed and lonely because his parents were present. Kayako spent most of his free time with the cat Kuro and was very antisocial. In the first part...
  20. Automata [Halloween] Conservatory Coffin

    [Halloween] Conservatory Coffin papercraft After passing the forboding Endless Hallway, visitors ride past an alcove-like conservatory, the space choked with decaying and overgrown plants and vegetation. Outside the huge glass walls is a misty landscape, with only the gnarled limbs of leafless...