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  1. Game Super Mario Mario and Yoshi

    Mario and Yoshi Papercraf
  2. Game [Mortal Kombat] Gran Kung Lao

    [Mortal Kombat] Gran Kung Lao papercraft Kung Lao (Chinese: 功老; pinyin: gōng lăo) is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios. A Shaolin monk, he debuted in Mortal Kombat II (1993). He is depicted as a primary hero in the series...
  3. Game [Mobile Legend] Hanabi Scarlet Flower

    [Mobile Legend] Hanabi Scarlet Flower Papercraft In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Hanabi is a marksman-type hero who is equipped with cool skills ranging from Crowd-Control(CC) to ricocheting basic attacks, AOE damage skills, and a built-in lifesteal skill. He is very useful in poking enemy heroes...
  4. Game Chibi [Psycho Soldier] Athena Asamiya

    [Psycho Soldier] Athena Asamiya chibi papercraft Athena Asamiya (麻宮あさみや アテナ) is a character originally from Psycho Soldier and a distant relative and modern-day counterpart of Princess Athena from Athena. She later appears as a regular fighter in The King of Fighters series; she is perhaps best...
  5. Cartoon Game Cuphead and Mugman

    Game Cuphead and Mugman Papercraft
  6. sanhachi

    [SELL] Identity V Characters Kit

    Những kit có 1 trang là đồng giá 25k 1 tờ A3 còn lại thì: Emily skin Yesterday là 160k Jack mặc định: 70k Madame Red: 220k Contact: Emily Skin Yesterday 160K Jack mặc định 70K Madame Red (Bloody Queen) 220K Paper toys 1 tờ A3 Đồng giá 25K/ mẫu...
  7. Touhou Hard [Touhou] Hong Meiling

    [Touhou] Hong Meiling Papercraft Hong Meiling (紅 美鈴 Hon Meirin) is a youkai, though it isn't currently known which specific category she actually belongs to. She's the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is known for her mastery of the martial arts, part of which can be seen from...
  8. Game Paper Toys Genshin Impact: Chongyun

    Genshin Impact: Chongyun paper toy An exorcist from Liyue, Chongyun was born with excessive yang (positive) energy, which has proven to be both a help and a hindrance. It makes him a very effective exorcist, but it also means he has never seen a spirit for himself — they flee before he can even...
  9. Game [Summoners War] Dragon (Awakened)

    [Summoners War] Dragon (Awakened) Papercraft Dragon (Awakened) Dark Dragon (Awakened) Fire Dragon (Awakened) Light Dragon (Awakened) Water Dragon (Awakened) Wind
  10. Game [Summoners War] Death Magician Lich

    [Summoners War] Death Magician Lich Papercraft Death Magician Lich Dark Death Magician Lich Fire Death Magician Lich Light Death Magician Lich Water Death Magician Lich Wind
  11. Game [Summoners War] Brownie Magician

    [Summoners War] Brownie Magician Papercraft Brownie Magician Dark Brownie Magician Fire Brownie Magician Light Brownie Magician Water Brownie Magician Wind
  12. Game [Summoners War] Assassin

    [Summoners War] Assassin Papercraft Assassin Dark Assassin Fire Assassin Light Assassin Water Assassin Wind
  13. Game [Summoners War] Drunken Master

    [Summoners War] Drunken Master Papercraft Drunken Master Dark Drunken Master Fire Drunken Master Light Drunken Master Water Drunken Master Wind
  14. Game [Summoners War] Anubis

    [Summoners War] Anubis Papercraft Anubis Dark Anubis Fire Anubis Light Anubis Water Anubis Wind
  15. Game Low Poly Wall hanging Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong wall hanging papercraft 400 x 311 x 218 mm
  16. [Genshin Impact] Xiangling (Simple version)

    [Genshin Impact] Xiangling (Simple version) Papercraft Post edited by admin : he once stated that he will not make genshin products because of the copyright report by miHoYo, and here are the results, he is deliberately messing with PaperzoneVN so he can legalize stop free sharing and sell his...
  17. Game [Monster Super League] Leo

    [Monster Super League] Leo Papercraft
  18. Anime Game Fate/Grand Order: Helena Blavatsky

    Fate/Grand Order: Helena Blavatsky Papercraft
  19. Game [Azur Lane] USS St.Louis

    [Azur Lane] USS St.Louis Papercraft The file only includes the character part, after you are done, please contact the information in the file cover.pdf
  20. Game Chibi [Azur Lane] Le Malin Chibi

    [Azur Lane] Le Malin Chibi Papercraft
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