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  1. Game [Summoners War] Tetra (Mermaid (Awakened))

    [Summoners War] Tetra (Mermaid (Awakened)) papercraft
  2. Anime Game Digimon Woodmon

    Digimon Woodmon papercraft Woodmon is a Vegetation Digimon. Woodmon is shaped like a giant, withered tree. It's made of normal wood, and lives by grabbing passing Digimon and draining their energy. It can also move around on its root-like feet. Violent by nature, it will attack relentlessly...
  3. Anime Game Digimon Botamon Ver. 2

    Digimon Botamon Ver. 2 papercraft Botamon is a Slime Digimon. It was just born recently, and on the surface of its slime-shaped body, it has grown thick, black fuzz. It is unable to battle as it has just been born.
  4. Anime Game Digimon Syakomon

    Digimon Syakomon papercraft Syakomon is a Crustacean Digimon. Syakomon is concealed in a sturdy shell shaped like a clam. Its shell developed rapidly, so its insides look like an in-training slime. This cunning creature entices foes with its cute face and attacks when they get close. When the...
  5. Anime Game Digimon Motimon

    Digimon Motimon papercraft Motimon is a Lesser Digimon. It possesses elastic skin, and is a soft-bodied Digimon that uses the protuberances on the underside of its body to toddle about. It came to be called "Motimon" from inflating its body when it gets worked up, causing it to look like...
  6. Anime Game Digimon MarineAngemon Ver. 2

    Digimon MarineAngemon Ver. 2 papercraft MarineAngemon is a Pixie Digimon. Since it inhabits the Net Ocean, its figure can rarely be seen. Although it possesses the name of "Angemon", as far as the ecosystem is concerned, the Angemon-species is actually a different family. It wears a Holy Ring...
  7. Anime Game Digimon Beetlemon

    Digimon Beetlemon papercraft Beetlemon is an Android Digimon. It possesses power over Thunder which bears the might of AncientBeetlemon. Its keen movements, unbecoming of its large build, are a technique to form a high voltage current running throughout its body. It generates a special...
  8. Anime Game Digimon Breakdramon

    Digimon Breakdramon papercraft Breakdramon is a Machine Dragon Digimon. It is a gigantic Digimon said to exist in order to destroy everything on the ground. When it digivolved, it successfully obtained the design data for various construction equipment through hacking, and it possesses power...
  9. Anime Game Digimon Pegasusmon Ver. 2

    Digimon Pegasusmon Ver. 2 papercraft Pegasusmon is an Animal Digimon. It armor-digivolved through the power of the "Digi-Egg of Hope". The "Digi-Egg of Hope" has the attribute of "Holy", and those that don this Digi-Egg are able to obtain sacred power. Those that acquire this power are able...
  10. Anime Game Digimon Phantomon

    Digimon Phantomon papercraft Phantomon is a Ghost Digimon. A Reaper-like Digimon holding a gigantic sickle and chain. It is a higher class of Ghost Digimon compared to Bakemon, so when a person is possessed by Phantomon they are in their last moments, and it comes upon them when they die...
  11. Anime Game Digimon ToyAgumon

    Digimon ToyAgumon papercraft ToyAgumon is a Puppet Digimon. It is a unique Digimon whose entire body is made up of unique plastic blocks. It is said that a child playing on the Internet created it by imitating Agumon's appearance, so it is very cute. Unlike the confident Agumon, it has a...
  12. Anime Game Digimon Numemon

    Digimon Numemon papercraft Numemon is a Mollusk Digimon. It possesses a slug-like body, prefers dark, gloomy environments, and has neither offensive power nor intelligence. A Digimon becomes a Numemon if mistakes are made in raising it, but as a matter of fact, there appears to be some hidden...
  13. Anime [Danganronpa] Monokuma Ver. 2

    [Danganronpa] Monokuma Ver. 2 papercraft Monokuma (モノクマ) is a stuffed robotic bear and the self-proclaimed Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy who instigates the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. He later takes over the Killing School Trip featured in...
  14. Anime Game Digimon Cherrymon

    Digimon Cherrymon papercraft Cherrymon is a Vegetation Digimon. Woodmon digivolved further, and as Cherrymon, it is a Digimon that has acquired extremely elevated intelligence and power. Called the "Lord of the Deep Forest", it is a terrifying Digimon who tempts Digimon who have gone astray...
  15. Game [Summoners War] Hitman Neostone Fighter

    [Summoners War] Hitman Neostone Fighter papercraft Hitman Neostone Fighter Dark Hitman Neostone Fighter Fire Hitman Neostone Fighter Light Hitman Neostone Fighter Water Hitman Neostone Fighter Wind
  16. Game [Summoners War] High Elemental

    [Summoners War] High Elemental papercraft High Elemental Dark High Elemental Fire High Elemental Light High Elemental Water High Elemental Wind
  17. Game [Summoners War] Hellhound (Awakened)

    [Summoners War] Hellhound (Awakened) papercraft Hellhound (Awakened) Dark Hellhound (Awakened) Fire Hellhound (Awakened) Light Hellhound (Awakened) Water Hellhound (Awakened) Wind
  18. Game [Summoners War] Hellhound

    [Summoners War] Hellhound Hellhound Dark Hellhound Fire Hellhound Light Hellhound Water Hellhound Wind
  19. Game [Summoners War] Elemental

    [Summoners War] Elemental papercraft Elemental Dark Elemental Fire Elemental Light Elemental Water Elemental Wind
  20. Game [Summoners War] Dragon Knight

    [Summoners War] Dragon Knight Dragon Knight Dark Dragon Knight Fire Dragon Knight Light Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight Wind