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  1. Anime Chibi [Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)] King

    [Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)] King Papercraft King「キング」 is the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins. His real name is Fairy King Harlequin「妖精王ハーレクイン, Yōsei-Ō Hārekuin」 and he is the protector of the Fairy King's Forest and the Fairy Realm. His Sacred Treasure is the Spirit...
  2. Figure Virtual idol Uruha Rushia

    Hướng dẫn nè:
  3. Touhou Hard [Touhou] Hong Meiling

    [Touhou] Hong Meiling Papercraft Hong Meiling (紅 美鈴 Hon Meirin) is a youkai, though it isn't currently known which specific category she actually belongs to. She's the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is known for her mastery of the martial arts, part of which can be seen from...
  4. Figure Bunny Girl (Play Boy)

    Bunny Girl (Play Boy) Papercraft
  5. Public Figure Sung Ji-Young

    Sung Ji-Young Papercraft
  6. Anime Game Fate/Grand Order: Helena Blavatsky

    Fate/Grand Order: Helena Blavatsky Papercraft
  7. Game [Azur Lane] USS St.Louis

    [Azur Lane] USS St.Louis Papercraft The file only includes the character part, after you are done, please contact the information in the file cover.pdf
  8. Game Chibi [Azur Lane] Le Malin Chibi

    [Azur Lane] Le Malin Chibi Papercraft
  9. Touhou Hard [Touhou] Tewi Inaba

    [Touhou] Tewi Inaba Papercraft Tewi Inaba (因幡 てゐ Inaba Tewi) is the leader of the many youkai rabbits that live at and guard Eientei. She is also considered to be the leader of all the earth rabbits; it's said that there is not a single youkai rabbit unknown to her, and that all of them...
  10. Touhou Hard [Touhou] Reisen Udongein Inaba

    [Touhou] Reisen Udongein Inaba Papercraft Reisen Udongein Inaba (鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ) is one of the moon rabbits who fled from the Moon to Earth as a refugee from the "Lunar War" between the two worlds that began in 1969 A.D. after the Apollo 11 "invasion". Making her way to Gensokyo, she was...
  11. Game Genshin Impact: Jumpy Dumpty

    Genshin Impact: Jumpy Dumpty klee's ability Papercraft
  12. Anime [Haiyore! Nyaruko-san] Nyaruko

    [Haiyore! Nyaruko-san] Nyaruko Papercraft Nyaruko (ニャル子) is the main protagonist of the anime, manga, and light novel series and the main heroine of the visual novel game. Nyaruko is a race of aliens known as a Nyarlathotep which was originally featured in Lovecraft's books as an Outer God...
  13. Game [King of Glory] YuJi's Farewell My Concubine

    [King of Glory] YuJi's Farewell My Concubine Skin (2017 Limited Skin) Papercraft Honor of Kings (Chinese: 王者荣耀; pinyin: Wángzhě Róngyào; lit. 'King's glory',officially translated as King of Glory, or alternatively transliterated as Wang Zhe Rong Yao, also known as King of Glory), is a...
  14. Game [GYEE] Raikoh

    [GYEE] Raikoh Papercraft Raikoh is a thunder god from another world said to be here on vacation. If this is true, this vacation has been a long one. His usual job is to work with the gods of rain and wind to control the weather. Since he's usually not very busy, Raikoh has given them a...
  15. Anime [Evangelion] Rei Ayanami

    [Evangelion] Rei Ayanami Papercraft Rei Ayanami (綾波 レイ, "Ayanami Rei") is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is the First Child, (referred as the First Children in the Japanese version), the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00 and one of the central characters. At...
  16. Touhou Easy [Touhou] Yukari Yakumo Chibi

    [Touhou] Yukari Yakumo Chibi Papercraft
  17. Touhou Easy [Touhou] Suwako Moriya Chibi

    [Touhou] Suwako Moriya Chibi Papercraft
  18. Touhou Hard [Touhou] Saigyouji Yuyuko

    [Touhou] Saigyouji Yuyuko Papercraft
  19. Game [Splatoon] Pearl Houzuki

    [Splatoon] Pearl Houzuki Papercraft Pearl Houzuki (ホウズキ・ヒメ , lit.Hime Houzuki), also known as MC Princess (MC ヒメ MC Hime), is an idol that serving as a replacement for the Squid Sisters in Splatoon 2 as one of the host of Inkopolis News in their studio within Inkopolis Square. Her voice...
  20. Game [Splatoon] Inklings Girl

    [Splatoon] Inklings Girl Papercraft Inklings (インクリング ,lit. Inkuringu) are a fictional species of squid-like humanoids and also the customizable characters that players take control of within the games Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Inklings live in Inkopolis. As the main protagonists, they won't...
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