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  1. Game [Mobile Legends] Phylax Celestial Safeguard

    [Mobile Legends] Phylax Celestial Safeguard papercraft Edith breaks up with her adoptive father and sets off on a journey to hunt down the escaping evil god, driving the mecha Phylax. The Ancients sought to take control of order in the Land of Dawn before an endless war broke out. They sent...
  2. Game [Mobile Legends] Belerick Torch Guardian

    [Mobile Legends] Belerick Torch Guardian papercraft The descendants of the ancient tribe where once guided by the voice of the ancient tribe to the western desert, where they overdrew on their life force and turned into an oasis, bringing hope to the desperate Minoan survivors and later using...
  3. Game [Mobile Legends] Zilong Summer Waves

    [Mobile Legends] Zilong Summer Waves papercraft
  4. Game [Mobile Legends] Miya Moon Priestess

    [Mobile Legends] Miya Moon Priestess Papercraft Miya lived in Azrya with the other Moon Elves. She stood aloof from the worldly strife, and did not expect the Demon army would attack suddenly. In order to protect her homeland, Miya, as the Priestess of the Moon, led the other Moon Elves in a...
  5. Gundam PMX-001 Palace Athene [Eiji Papercraft]

    PMX-001 Palace Athene [Eiji Papercraft] Papercraft The Palace Athene was the second mobile suit built by Paptimus Scirocco aboard the Jupitris during the Gryps War. Scirocco originally intended for the Palace Athene to operate in a team alongside the PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn and the PMX-003...
  6. Others [Pacific Rim] Gipsy Danger

    Gipsy Danger Papercraft Gipsy Danger is a Mark-3 American Jaeger. It was one of the oldest Jaegers in active combat until its destruction in 2025.