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  1. Movie [Scream] Ghostface

    [Scream] Ghostface Papercraft Ghostface (alternatively stylized as Ghost Face or GhostFace) is the main villain of the Scream series. Ghostface was named after a rubber Halloween mask inspired by the Edvard Munch painting The Scream. He has also been called the Woodsboro Killer, after the...
  2. Game [Tekken] Devil Jin (Jin Kazama)

    [Tekken] Devil Jin (Jin Kazama) papercraft Devil Jin (デビル仁 Debiru Jin) is a Tekken character who made his first appearance in Tekken 3, but didn't become a fully playable character until Tekken 5. He is Jin Kazama's devil form after being consumed by the effects of the Devil Gene. When the...
  3. Game Hell Dog (Diorama)

    Hell Dog (Diorama) papercraft A hellhound is a mythological hound which embodies a guardian or a servant of hell, the devil, or the underworld. Hellhounds occur in mythologies around the world, with the best known examples being Cerberus from Greek mythology, Garmr from Norse mythology, the...
  4. Game [Megaman] Yellow Devil

    [Megaman] Yellow Devil Papercraft Yellow Devil (イエローデビル Ierō Debiru), also known as Rock Monster or Yellow Demon, is a gigantic robot, the first combat robot created by Doctor Albert W. Wily. It made its debut as a fortress boss in the first Mega Man game. Its body consists of yellow goo-like...
  5. Decorative Skull with horns for wall decor

    Skull, Skull with Horns, Skull with horns for wall decor, Devil skull, Demon Skull, Skull, Bone, Horns DIY papercraft template for wall decor. The skull is a bone structure that forms the head in vertebrates. It supports the structures of the face and provides a protective cavity for the brain...
  6. Game [Summoners War] Grim Reaper

    [Summoners War] Grim Reaper papercraft Grim Reaper consists of 5 natural 3 star monsters. GRIM SCYTHE Reaps the life of enemy with a deadly scythe. Acquires additional turn if the enemy dies. Grim Reaper Dark Grim Reaper Fire Grim Reaper Light Grim Reaper Water Grim Reaper Wind
  7. Head Wearable Devil mask

    Devil papercraft mask
  8. Game [Super Smash Bross] Dol Devil

    [Super Smash Bross] Dol Devil papercraft The Devil (デビル, Devil) (called Demon on the British version of the Smash Bros. DOJO!!) is the main antagonist of the NES game Devil World, developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, which was released for the Japanese Famicom and PAL NES systems only. Instruction: PDO
  9. Game [Devil May Cry 3] Dante

    [Devil May Cry 3] Dante papercraft Dante's twin brother, Vergil, and a man named Arkham release the ancient tower of Temen-ni-gru from below a modern city and conspire to use Dante to unlock the gate to the demonic realm. While working toward confronting his brother, Dante encounters Lady, a...