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  1. Plants Rose

    DIY Paper Rose
  2. Low Poly Wall hanging Musical Note

    Musical Note papercraft Dimensions: 354 x 153 x 471 mm
  3. Plants Gerbera Daisy

    DIY Paper Gerbera Daisy
  4. Others Gold Bar

    Gold Bar papercraft | Bonus Rabbit Ears papercraft Print the template on thick kinds of paper/ cardstock, 160~220 gsm
  5. Low Poly Wall hanging The Rolling Stones | Lips With Tongue

    The Rolling Stones, Lips With Tongue low poly papercraft 423 x 497 x 344 mm Use A4/ letter paper 160~300 gsm
  6. Low Poly Gnome

    Gnome papercraft Dimensions: 300 x 170 x 150 mm
  7. Low Poly Wall hanging Triangles Decor

    Triangles Wall Decor papercraft Very stylish and original home decor.
  8. Low Poly Wall hanging DJ Face

    DJ Face Wall Sculpture papercraft 300 x 230 x 175 mm Use paper A4 180-200 gsm
  9. Legendary Animals - Mascot Bunny Chimera

    Bunny Butterfly Unicorn low poly papercraft A christmas gift from CumulusCraft Model size: 308 x 309 x 350mm, with 13 pages PDF Templates and 5 pages of instructions.
  10. Low Poly Paper Gems

    / Paper Gems / Nếu bạn muốn treo mô hình của mình lên, hãy chắc rằng bạn đã dán một vòng chỉ vào bên trong trước khi dán mô hình lại với nhau. If you want to hang your model up then make sure you stick a loop of thread inside the model before gluing the model together.
  11. Christmas 3D Paper Star

    3D Paper Star Papercraft
  12. Christmas 3D Snowflake

    3D Snowflake papercraft
  13. Christmas Christmas tree decorations

    Christmas tree decorations papercraft Cardboard 160 - 300 g/m², A4/letter paper size. Decorations template is in plain white color but you can use your creativity to decorate it using patterned, glitter, gloss or color paper of your own choice. Instructions
  14. Christmas Christmas paper decorations

    Christmas paper decorations Don’t forget to put your loop of thread in before sticking the models together. Đừng quên đặt dây treo vào trong trước khi dán kín các mẫu.
  15. Animals Baby Dinosaur (Triceratops)

    Low Poly Baby Dinosaur (Dino in Egg) Papercraft With the templates, you can build your own baby triceratops (40cm). It is perfect for decoration or a gift. Allow a few hours to build your model. Dimensions of the model: 40x27x27cm Level: Intermediate You will need: Printer 14-A4 paper...
  16. Low Poly Wall hanging Elegant Bull

    Elegant Bull low poly papercraft by Shaper Paper Elegant Bull size: 35 cm height, 25 cm wide, 13 cm deep
  17. Calendar 2021's Dodecahedron Calendar

    2021's Dodecahedron Calendar papercraft
  18. Low Poly Wall hanging Killer Whale Half Body

    Wall hanging - Killer Whale Half Body by World Of Papercraft Papercraft The orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales have a diverse diet, although individual populations often specialize in...
  19. Low Poly Wall hanging Elephant Head by RHL Kilsdonk

    Wall hanging - Elephant Head by RHL Kilsdonk Papercraft
  20. Low Poly Wall hanging Panda By ShaperPaper

    Wall hanging - Panda By ShaperPaper Papercraft
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