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  1. Low Poly Wall hanging Killer Whale Half Body

    Wall hanging - Killer Whale Half Body by World Of Papercraft Papercraft The orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales have a diverse diet, although individual populations often specialize in...
  2. Low Poly Wall hanging Elephant Head by RHL Kilsdonk

    Wall hanging - Elephant Head by RHL Kilsdonk Papercraft
  3. Low Poly Wall hanging Panda By ShaperPaper

    Wall hanging - Panda By ShaperPaper Papercraft
  4. Low Poly Wall hanging Iron Man by C.M.C

    Wall hanging - Iron Man by C.M.C Papercraft Instruction: PDF in the form of points to points
  5. Low Poly Wall hanging Human Thought

    Wall Hanging - Human Thought Papercraft Contemplation is the meditation on something that has been absorbed, which has been taken deep inside people. There is a big difference between these two. Thought contains conflict with itself, thought contains sympathy. In contemplative thinking, in...
  6. Low Poly Wall hanging Human Silence by TheHumanArts

    Wall Hanging - Human Silence by TheHumanArts Papercraft Papercraft 3d, Paper trophy, Low poly papercraft, Library decor, paper sculpture, office decor, DIY kit, home decor, printable,hush How about having a rude guest in your living room? This is my papercraft sculpture: I present to you the...
  7. Low Poly Wall hanging Precious Human Rebirth by TheHumanArts

    Wall Hanging - Precious Human Rebirth by TheHumanArts Papercraft 3D papercraft, Paper trophy, low poly, reborn,3d origami, printable PDF pattern, home decor, 3D statue, 3d paper craft, 3d pdf template Let me introduce you to my latest papercraft: the exit of the wall This 1:1 scale paper...
  8. Low Poly Wall hanging Dinosaur Sleeping On Moon

    Low Poly - Dinosaur Sleeping On Moon Papercraft INSTANT DOWNLOAD and start the fun ! Dinosaur Sleeping On Moon DIY papercraft template. Dino Size : 235mm Height / 300mm Width / 105mm Depth A4 sheets : 6 Moon Size : 335mm Height / 325mm Width / 115mm Depth A4 sheets : 8
  9. Low Poly Wall hanging Bear Sleeping On Moon

    Bear sleeping on moon DIY papercraft template for wall decor. Bear Size : 130mm Height / 210mm Width / 120mm Depth A4 sheets : 4 Moon Size : 335mm Height / 325mm Width / 115mm Depth A4 sheets : 8
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