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  1. Animals Low Poly Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell

    Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell papercraft Size: H: 350mm x W: 431mm x D: 291mm
  2. Game Paper Toys Button City: Fennel fox

    Button City: Fennel fox paper toy Fennel, or Fenn for short, is a shy little fox and the protagonist of Button City. After discovering the local arcade, he makes new friends and gets swept up in a whirlwind adventure to save it from being shut down at the paws of greedy fat cat Peppermint...
  3. Animals Low Poly Christmas Penguin - Snowman

    Another perfect Christmas decoration! Snowman! Don't worry it won't melt ;) But wait it doubles as a Penguin! By making selected parts black, you can get a cute penguin instead of a snowman! So two in one? ;) ■ Number of A4 or US letter sheets needed: 18 • 9 sheets in White color. • 8 sheets in...
  4. Chibi Virtual idol Hololive: AZKi Chibi

    Hololive: AZKi Chibi papercraft Virtual Diva AZKi, better known simply as AZKi, is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and singer. Her concept was conceived by hololive's parent company: Cover Corporation and her design and videos are produced by Composition Inc. While debuting alone outside...
  5. Animals Low Poly Baby Penguin Cute

    Baby Penguin Cute DIY papercraft template. Size : 235mm Height /220mm Width /165mm Dept
  6. Animals Low Poly Hedgehog sitting

    Hedgehog sitting papercraft Size : 300mm Height / 245mm Width /270mm Dep You'll need a printer to print the template, cardstocks, scissors (or stationery knife), ruler, scoring tool and glue. Hedgehog is in plain white color but you can use your creativity to decorate it using patterned...
  7. Animals Low Poly Adorable Baby Fox

    Adorable Baby Fox papercraft ☆Width - 215 mm ☆Depth - 185 mm ☆Height - 300 mm
  8. Consumables Low Poly Milk tea

    Milk tea, bubble tea papercraft | 4 patterns Dimensions: 156 x 94 x 98 mm
  9. Plants Low Poly Other Cute Avocado

    Cute Avocado papercraft Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 12 cm
  10. Animals Low Poly Otter with guitar

    Otter with guitar papercraft 20 x 37 x 31 cm printed on A4 paper 160-300 gsm
  11. Plants Kawaii Cactus

    Kawaii Cactus papercraft
  12. Animals Low Poly Snowball Bunny

    The Secret Life of Pets - Snowball Bunny low poly papercraft 40 x 17 x 22 cm Use paper 180 - 260 gsm
  13. Aquatic Crocodile with swim ring

    Crocodile with swim ring papercraft
  14. Chibi Mascot Dollarthy & Nanaty

    Dollarthy & Nanaty mascot papercraft Here are Nanaty and Dorcy, the cute mascots of Toyomary Industry Company, a Japanese "Amusement Machine" maker. Each one occupies four sheets of paper and you will also find very detailed instructions.
  15. Paper Toys Bouru cute robot

    Bouru cute robot paper toy
  16. Animals Low Poly Cute Froggy

    Cute Froggy papercraft 250 x 272 x 269 mm
  17. Game [Flyff] Baby Kargo Dragon

    [Flyff] Baby Kargo Dragon papercraft 250 x 269 x 334 mm
  18. Event Santa Claus Set

    Christmas Santa Claus papercraft by Pinoart
  19. Animals Low Poly Christmas Reindeer

    Christmas Reindeer low poly papercraft by Wonder Ming Studio Christmas Reindeer size : 420mm Height/ 175mm Width/ 260mm Depth You'll need a printer to print the template, cardstocks, scissors (or stationery knife), ruler, scoring tool and glue. Reindeer template is in plain white color but you...
  20. Other Pusheen The Cat Pizza

    Pusheen The Cat Pizza papercraft