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  1. Consumables Mr. Beer

    This is a cute beer mug papercraft.
  2. Animals Happy Doggie

    Happy Doggie Papercraft The duckling is happily playing with the puppy in his hand holding a heart, suitable for desk decoration or as a gift on Valentine's Day.
  3. Animals Cute Shiba dog need a hug

    Cute Shiba dog need a hug papercraft A cute Shiba dog with outstretched arms, maybe it needs a hug. Only one sheet of paper is needed to print.
  4. Cartoon Walt Disney Minnie Mouse Child Cute

    Minnie Mouse Child Cute Papercraft walt disney famous cartoon character Minnie mouse as a child
  5. Cartoon Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Child Cute

    Mickey Mouse Child Cute Papercraft walt disney famous cartoon character mickey mouse as a child
  6. Chibi Mascot Vaquinha Cute

    Mascot Vaquinha Cute Chibi Papercraft in the file include different face images, so you can change to your liking
  7. Festival Low Poly Others Santa's Sleigh by LuPapel

    Santa's Sleigh Cute Low poly by LuPapel Papercraft Size: H 158mm x W 185mm x D 254mm
  8. Animals Low Poly Reindeer by LuPapel

    Reindeer Cute Low poly by LuPapel Papercraft Size: H 262mm x W 114mm x D 210mm
  9. Festival Low Poly Santa Claus by LuPapel

    Santa Claus Cute Low poly by LuPapel Papercraft Size: H 200mm x W 124mm x D 116mm
  10. Anime [Chainsaw Man] Pochita (Simple Ver. )

    [Chainsaw Man] Pochita (Simple Ver. ) by pck Paper toy Papercraft This is a model of the character pochita in a simple but cute form designed by the author pck added to the collection of anime characters in the manga / anime series Chainsaw Man, hope you like it. sample shared by author...
  11. Mascot Paper Toys [Usagyuuun] Gaogyuuun

    [Usagyuuun] Gaogyuuun papercraft This is a fanart project based on the Gaogyuuuun I share it for free so I hope it's not sold in any form, I looking forward to seeing your finished product Dear ;) Compressed .rar file included PDO line PDO lineless Dimension H: 100mm x W: 91mm x D: 100mm
  12. Cartoon Chibi Low Poly [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Ninja Turtles ready for battle

    [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Ninja Turtles ready for battle low poly papercraft Donatello Chibi Low Poly Papercraft Leonardo Chibi Low Poly Papercraft Michelangelo Chibi Low Poly Papercraft Raphael Chibi Low Poly Papercraft
  13. Animals Low Poly Elephant with Heart by RondiPaper

    Elephant with Heart by RondiPaper Papercraft The second radiation was represented by the emergence of the gomphotheres in the Miocene, which likely evolved from Eritreum and originated in Africa, spreading to every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Members of this group included...
  14. Animals Low Poly Bunny (Bidou Patate)

    Bunny (Bidou Patate) papercraft Rabbits graze heavily and rapidly for roughly the first half-hour of a grazing period (usually in the late afternoon), followed by about half an hour of more selective feeding.[citation needed] In this time, the rabbit will also excrete many hard fecal pellets...
  15. Aquatic Baby Dolphin Overcame The Waves

    Baby Dolphin Overcame The Waves papercraft Archaeoceti is a parvorder comprising ancient whales. These ancient whales are the predecessors of modern whales, stretching back to their first ancestor that spent their lives near (rarely in) the water. Likewise, the archaeocetes can be anywhere from...
  16. Animals Low Poly Ball Cat

    Ball Cat low poly papercraft The ball-tailed cat (Felis caudaglobosa) is a fearsome critter of North American folklore most commonly described as having similar traits to that of a mountain lion, except with an exceedingly long tail to which there is affixed a solid, bulbous mass for striking...
  17. Light Box Cute Ballerina

    Cute Ballerina light box This is template for 5x7 SVG Light Box in Landscape Mode or Wide Mode, You can resize this shadow box to 10x14 also as the aspect ration will be same of 1.4 You can print and cut manually or use Silhouette cutting machine or Cricut Machine or any cutting machine. The...
  18. Decorative Others Paper Island

    Paper Island paper toy The 6 small islands can come together to form one large island or float away individually from the others. It makes a great paper toy with potential for lots of adventure stories happening amidst a vast ocean of imagination!
  19. Animals Low Poly Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell

    Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell papercraft Size: H: 350mm x W: 431mm x D: 291mm Reindeer are not only associated with Santa Claus, although for many this association is strongest (especially at this time of year). Reindeer represent journeying, wandering, safe travels, strength and...
  20. Game Paper Toys Button City: Fennel fox

    Button City: Fennel fox paper toy Fennel, or Fenn for short, is a shy little fox and the protagonist of Button City. After discovering the local arcade, he makes new friends and gets swept up in a whirlwind adventure to save it from being shut down at the paws of greedy fat cat Peppermint...