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  1. Animals Low Poly Cat hanging paws [Replica]

    Prinnted on A4 paper Height: 220 mm Width: 156 mm Depth: 349 mm
  2. Others Cat house cave

    Cat house cave Papercraft
  3. Animals Low Poly Kitten

    Kitten Low poly papercraft H: 19cm W: 11cm D: 30cm
  4. Low Poly The Cat is Playing

    The Cat is Playing Papercraft Level: High (for experienced crafters) Faces: 670 Parts: 60 Sheets: 14 (size A4 or Letter) Scale of the Model: 20,47 inch height, 27,12 inch wide, 11,42 inch deep (52 x 68,9 x 29 cm) Use paper : A4 or Letter card paper 200+ gsm The three-color pattern has some...
  5. Animals Low Poly Yoga Cat

    Printed on A4 paper 160-300gsm 400mm Height 390mm Width 230mm Dept
  6. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Cat Head

    Cat Head low poly papercraft Dimensions: 30 x 30.7 x 20.4 cm
  7. Animals Low Poly Oscar the cat

    Oscar the cat papercraft Height: 274 mm Width: 560 mm Depth: 227 mm
  8. Light Box To The Moon Cat

    Light Box To The Moon Cat 5 CDR files 5 SVG files 5 PDF files 5 JPG files
  9. Light Box Kid and Cat's Dream

    Light Box Kid and Cat's Dream 7 CDR files 7 SVG files 7 PDF files 7 JPG files
  10. Game Monster Hunter: Felyne

    Monster Hunter: Felyne papercraft Dimensions: 170 x 188 x 201 mm
  11. Paper Toys Papertoy Is Not Dead | Bad Cat

    Papertoy Is Not Dead | Bad Cat papertoy I think we can consider him an angry mascot of paper toys lovers.
  12. Animals Low Poly Cat

    Cat papercraft Dimensions: 300 x 500 mm
  13. Cartoon Walt Disney Cheshire Cat

    Alice in wonderland - Cheshire Cat papercraft 400 x 317 x 419 mm
  14. Animals Low Poly Curious Cat

    Curious Cat papercraft 244 x 205 x 458 mm
  15. Animals Low Poly Cat stretching

    Cat stretching papercraft Dimensions: 325 x 119 x 539 mm
  16. Animals Low Poly Yin & Yang Cats

    Yin & Yang Cats papercraft Dimensions: 229 x 258 x 300 mm (for one) 7 A4 sheets of thick paper for one cat (min 200 gsm)
  17. Animals Low Poly Fat cat

    Printed on A4 paper 200-300 gsm Hight-240mm Depth-355mm Width-324mm
  18. Low Poly Cat in box

    Printed on A4 paper height:400 mm width:337 mm depth:358 mm
  19. Wall hanging Low Poly Kitten in tube

    Kitten in tube papercraft 300 x 300 x 190 mm
  20. Animals Cat perched

    Cat perched papercraft
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