animal papercraft

  1. Animals Low Poly Tawny owl

    This unique artistic composition is a three-dimensional model of an owl. Every detail is carefully designed to convey the special character and mystery of this wise feathered creature. Dimentions: 28*18*12
  2. Animals Low Poly Camel by SuperColoring

  3. Animals Low Poly Egyptian Cat by SuperColoring

  4. Animals Low Poly Hippopotamus by SuperColoring

  5. Animals Low Poly Elephant by SuperColoring

  6. Animals Low Poly Fox by SuperColoring

  7. Animals Low Poly Koala by SuperColoring

  8. Legendary Creatures - Mascot Pegacorn, unicorn and pegasus

    A pegacorn is a pegasus with wings. With these templates you can make a trio with a pegacorn, a unicorn and a pegasus.
  9. Low Poly Head Wearable Red Dragon

    If you have always liked dragons, now you can make this magnificent dragon mask, and thus you will be able to have a good costume of your favorite reptile or creature or it could even be an amazing decoration for your room. Let's go! How to make it:
  10. Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Toucan Trophy

    Toucan Trophy Papercraft
  11. Animals Low Poly Pepakura Papercraft Horse 1 by Josewing

    Pepakura Papercraft Caballo 1 by Josewing
  12. Animals Low Poly Deer Mother and Child

    Deer Mother and Child low poly Papercraft Typically, only male deer grow antlers. Female deer have been documented to grow antlers when experiencing issues with regulation of the hormone testosterone, which happens very rarely. Caribou are the only deer in which females regularly grow antlers.
  13. Animals Legendary Creatures - Mascot Donyatsu Papercraft

    - Donyatsu Papercraft - ✨It contains a PDO, which you can rescale, delete lines, edit lines if you think necessary.
  14. Animals Mouse Guard Paper Toys

    Mouse Guard Paper Toys Here are the 3-Dimensional paper figures of Mouse Guard universe, for assembly, display and play. Mouse Guard is a comic book series written and illustrated by David Petersen, which tells the adventures of a group of anthropomorphic mice who are dedicated to protecting...
  15. Animals Other Gloomy Bear

    Gloomy Bear papercraft There are 12 separate colour textures in each pack: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Coffee, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow. But here's where it gets complicated, there are actually 2 versions of each colour - a standard texture (bloodied mouth and claws)...
  16. Animals Low Poly Resting Cat The Lies

    Resting Cat The Lies Low Poly Papercraft It is a pose lying down. The number of prints is 11 and can be made in about 6 hours. A small tissue paper box fits perfectly, so you can also use it as a tissue paper box.
  17. Animals Wild Horse

    Wild Horse papercrafts, about 15 cm tall A horse is a large, four-legged mammal belonging to the Equidae family. Horses are known for their speed, strength, and gracefulness, and have been used for transportation, work, and recreation for thousands of years. They have a long, flowing mane and...
  18. Animals Low Poly Grazing Deer

    Grazing Deer papercraft Dimensions: H700 x W317 x D1011 mm The 1-meter-high paper model depicts a deer eating vegetation such as grass, shrubs, and trees. Using it to decorate will make the scene more vivid.
  19. Automata Agreeable Sheep

    Agreeable Sheep papercraft A sheep never refuses anything because, basically, he can only nod up and down.
  20. Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Birds and flowers

    Printed on A4 paper 180-300gsm First bird: 16x13x3cm Second bird: 12x20x3cm First flower: 7x7x1.8cm Second flower: 8.5x8.5x2cm