Tutorial How To Create The 360 Degree Panorama Book?


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How To Create The 360 Degree Panorama Book?

Super Hot 360 Degree Panorama Book !

This unique panorama book, called “360 degree panorama book” is created by a Japanese architecture Yusuke Oono. In 2012, he won the fist prize at “You Fab 2012″ which is the world design contest of laser cutting and was held by FabCafe. This contest led him to appear on worldwide media and many people are attracted by his beautiful and delicate art work.


360 Degree Panorama Book Christmas Version by Yusuke Oono

I’m sure that many people are curious about how to create such a unique and delicate panorama book. Today I’m gonna show you how he makes this 360 degree panorama book christmas version.

1.Design by 3D CAD
The uniqueness of 360 degree panorama book is Yusuke used 3D CAD programs -usually reserved for architectural and product design- to create a landscape as if it were a cray model and slices them by rotating the plane. Surprisingly he used nature-algorithmic structure to create these sensitive trees, so through each surface has a rich visual sculpture. ( The picture below is Snow White verison )


2. Laser Cutting @ FabCafe
360 degree panorama book has 40 pages and each page contains different motifs such as a Santa Claus, birds, present box which are all delicately laser cut. After laser cut was done, Yusuke removed the unneeded parts by hands. He cut each part very carefully and it was exactly expert work.


3. Bind the Book
Third step is binding. Yusuke combined each part into one book and put on wood glue in three times. Each 40 layer become 2D surface and you can see how delicate each motif are.


4. This is the Christmas 360° Panorama Book !!
Finally put the red cover on the panorama book, the 360 Degree Panorama Book Christmas Version was done !


Please look carefully. Can you see small birds, beautiful snow and cute presents and so on ? There are lots of little surprises in the book, like when you open the present box when you are a child….


To transform into 3 dimension, each plane becomes a layer of one scene of the story.


Yusuke and we are receiving many questions and requests regarding the sales of this book. For now, we are thinking of selling the “data” of 360 degree book at FabCafe Deals as one of the options. We hope to give you more information in the beginning of 2013, so stay tuned !

Wish all of you a Happy New Fab Year !

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