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Я хочу возобновить мой премиум пакет. Каким образом мне оплатить мой премиум пакет, если я проживаю в России? PP - не работает.
hmm. currently i have not found another solution for your country. but if you have another friend who has a paypal account, you can pay me
Hello I am looking for a model for F1 racing car pop up kirigami. Does anyone have it? Thanks!002.gif002.gif
Long ơi, cho chị xin lại cái công cụ chụp màn hình( màu green) hôm bữa với nhé. Lâu nay chị bị hỏng máy pc, mất hết tài khoản nên chẳng làm gì đc.
¡Hola! De favor pueden pasarme estos modelos.
Mari Ilustre Makinami
Hatsune Miku Mágico Mirai 2020
Anteriormente los había adquirido como vip, junto con otros.Desafortunadamente perdí todos ya que miPCse quemó. A hora ando corto de $ ya que compre otra PC.Por tal motivo pido ese favor, en caso contrario tendré que esperar para poder volver a comprar una cuenta premium. En cualquier caso gracias por su tiempo.
Bonjour, je souhaite utiliser le fichier "manos caro dexther.pdo". Pouvez-vous me fournir le mot de passe. Merci beaucoup. Alain
Assurez-vous de l'ouvrir avec Pepakura Viewer, pas Pepakura Designer.
Does anyone have the templates for a little elephant on the cloud?
bonjours a tous je suis a la recherche de boite lumière et autre création Cricut Maker 3
How to acess pdo files in mobile phone or computer
You can open it with Pepakura Viewer on PC and Armorsmith Viewer on Android phones
Yes..I tried the trick..but after is the problem with my adress in Turkey..I Think I musst wait till you find another way..
There is no way to pay with CC..I'm living in Turkey..I can not choose my Country..there is no Turkish Flag on PayPal..I think we muss find another way to pay for Premium Member.
have you tried the trick I suggested to you? you don't need to choose flag, flag just to display language, you just need to pay as I suggest, money will be automatically converted
because of country restriction we are trying to find 3rd party payment provider to support more countries, any suggestions?
您好,我已成為 30 個線程的高級會員
是按下載次數計算還是按同型號計算 謝謝

Hey Bro, you reupload my model without permission, please delete it

Ok, I will delete it.
Hi..I'm writing from turkey..I wannt a premium Member..But ı donnt have Paypal..Because there is no way from Turkey paypal.The next step to pay with Card is a problem.Is there a nother way to take the Premium membership?
Many greatings from Turkey
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I will try to update as soon as possible
Is there any solution for the upgrade Payment?
after a while of research, I still haven't found a way, but you can still pay with visa if you don't have a paypal account
when you click on upgrade account, the system will take you to paypal login page, please note, below, there will be function only need visa card without having paypal account