Marvel Universe Miles Morhames (Ultimate Spider-Ham) (Earth-14094)

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Miles Morhames (Ultimate Spider-Ham) (Earth-14094) papercraft


Miles Morhames' uncle was secretly a thief called the Fowler. One of the items he had stolen turned out to be a radioactive spider which bit Miles, granting him spider-related abilities. Following the death of the original Spider-Ham, Peter Porker, when he defeated the Green Gobbler once and for all, Miles stepped up to take up his mantle in order to become the Ultimate Spider-Ham.

Following the arrival and subsequent defeat of Galactypus, Miles' reality was destroyed after Invisible Gorilla joined forces with Ducktor Doom to unsuccessfully save the universe from the ever-increasing rifts in space-time continuum.

Somehow, Spider-Ham survived the end of all, and traveled through the Multiverse, warning other realities about their upcoming doom, and how to stop it. During his journey, Morhames noticed an aparent constant to ensure the safety of a reality, the presence of a child bore by Sue Storm and Reed Richards.

When he arrived to Earth-1610 through one of the rifts affecting this universe, Spider-Ham was captured by the United States Army and locked up in the Pentagon. He was eventually put in contact with the Future Foundation, having refused to speak to anybody but them.

After being interrogated and informing this reality's Sue Storm about his universe's fate, Spider-Ham eventually informed her that she would need to get back together with Reed Richards if they wanted the universe to survive, stating that their child would wield the power necessary to save it.

During the following months after Sue Storm became pregnant, Spider-Ham remained on Earth-1610, serving with the Future Foundation in an advisory capacity to help better combat the oncoming destruction. Even though the baby Sue had was with Ben Grimm, the child proved powerful enough to end the fracture of reality.


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