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  1. DC Universe Batman Yellow Lantern Ver. 2

    Batman Yellow Lantern Ver. 2 papercraft Why is Batman not a Yellow Lantern? When Sinestro was first forming his Sinestro Corps, the ring assigned to Sector 2814 flew directly to Bruce Wayne. He rejected it. Quite a trick, considering that Sinestro's rings were not asking for permission or...
  2. Game [Megaman] Yellow Devil

    [Megaman] Yellow Devil Papercraft
  3. Chibi Super Sentai [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers] Yellow Ranger

    [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers] Yellow Ranger Chibi Papercraft Instruction: PDO Trini Kwan is the female Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers. She is portrayed by Vietnamese-American actress Thuy Trang. Trini was originally portrayed by Latina actress Audri Dubois in the unaired pilot episode, but...