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  1. Box Low Poly Box Star

    Pattern "Box Star" Low Poly Papercraft You can stick the number 23 on the flat part Base 25 cm 13 pages
  2. Decorative Star Lamp

    Paper Star Lamp You can use it as a lamp or as a decorative star.
  3. Spacecraft Others Moon and Stars

    Moon and Stars low poly papercraft
  4. Decorative Christmas Star Decoration

    Christmas Star Decoration papercraft The Star of Bethlehem, or Christmas Star, appears in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew chapter 2 where "wise men from the East" (Magi) are inspired by the star to travel to Jerusalem. Size on A4 printing 5-pointed star (H: 300mm x W: 280mm x D...
  5. Light Box Couples Under the Stars

    Couples Under the Stars light box Folder that contains the following file formats: - SWG - DXF - DWG - CDR - EPS - AI - PNG Number of layers - 5 For paper cut: - With Cricut machine: 140-180g - With hand-cut: paper 180-240g - With laser cut: 180-300g What you need: - Printer - Art knife...
  6. Spacecraft Others Rocket, Moon & Star

    Rocket, Moon & Star decor papercraft Dimensions: 300 x 301 x 133 mm The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Together with Earth it forms the Earth–Moon satellite system. It is about one-quarter of Earth in diameter (comparable to the width of Australia). In the Solar System it is the fifth...
  7. Anime Game Digimon Shoutmon

    Digimon Shoutmon + Star Sword (Espada Estrella) papercraft Shoutmon is a Small Dragon Digimon. It is a ferocious Digimon with extremely high aggressiveness due to its hot-blooded enthusiasm. However, it is friendly towards its comrades, and its friendship with other Digimon, surpassing...
  8. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Star Santa Claus

    Wall hanging Star Santa Claus low poly papercraft
  9. Anime Game Digimon Starmon

    Digimon Starmon papercraft Starmon is a protagonist of Digimon Fusion. He is partner of Mikey Kudo and member of Fusion Fighter.
  10. Light Box Moon, Stars and Clouds

    Moon, Stars and Clouds light box 5 Layer Swirly Moon, Stars and Clouds Light Shadow Box Template. The files are supplied as single files for each layer. SVG, PNG, PDF and DXF files supplied. Useful Information: – These can be use using a sharp hobby knife if you do not have a cutting...
  11. Plants Christmas tree with a star on top

    Christmas tree with a star on top papercraft ‣ 900 x 483 x 492 mm
  12. Festival 3D Paper Star

    3D Paper Star Papercraft
  13. Others Star GaoGaiGar

    Star GaoGaiGar papercraft The GBR-01 GaoGaiGar (ガオガイガー) is the titular Brave robot featured in The King of Braves GaoGaiGar TV series. The first Super Mechanoid built by GGG, it is formed from the Final Fusion (ファイナルフュージョン), also known as the Superhuman Combination (超人合体 - Choujin Gattai) of the...
  14. Others Star Gaogaigar [Goldenglue]

    [Goldenglue] Star Gaogaigar papercraft Star GaoGaiGar (スターガオガイガー) is a Brave robot from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar TV series. An upgraded space-oriented variant of G.B.R.-01 GaoGaiGar, it replaces the Stealth Gao with the Stealth Gao II during Final Fusion. Aside from being piloted by Guy and...
  15. Others cupcake stand

    cupcake stand papercraft A cake stand is a type of tableware used for serving cake and other pastries, or a type of kitchen equipment used for holding cakes while they are decorated. The most common form is a plate on a pedestal; sometimes there are multiple plates in a tower. While most...