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  1. Event Low Poly Xmas Decoration

    Xmas Decoration papercraft Snowman Gingerbread Cookies
  2. Light Box Merry Christmas Ver. 2

    Light Box - Merry Christmas Ver. 2 All digital files included: 8 SVG files 8 PDF files 8 PNG files
  3. Animals Low Poly Christmas Penguin - Snowman

    Another perfect Christmas decoration! Snowman! Don't worry it won't melt ;) But wait it doubles as a Penguin! By making selected parts black, you can get a cute penguin instead of a snowman! So two in one? ;) ■ Number of A4 or US letter sheets needed: 18 • 9 sheets in White color. • 8 sheets in...
  4. Event Low Poly Snowman Christmas Decoration

    Snowman Christmas Decoration papercraft Print on A4 paper 200-300 gsm 40cm / 24cm / 24cm The snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture. In some cases, winter festival participants will build a large number of snowmen. Since a snowman is situation-specific, it's a good example of popular...
  5. Event Low Poly Snowman by ArteMcLours

    Printed on A4 paper 200-300g H 300 mm, W 292 mm, D 171 mm
  6. Low Poly Snowman

    Printed on A4 paper 160-300gsm 300mm Height 240mm wide 180-mm deep
  7. Cartoon Walt Disney Olaf ver. 2

    Olaf low poly papercraft ver. 2
  8. Event Frosty

    Frosty cake jar papercraft
  9. Light Box Snowman Waving to Santa

    Light Box - Snowman Waving to Santa