1. Low Poly Head Wearable Reindeer horns

    Christmas Reindeer Antlers Costume Templates These downloadable templates have 4 pages with details that you can print to make your own reindeer horns, the design features reindeer horns and ears Material: Opal paper or cardboard of 1 pink and 3 coffee colors, scissors, glue, stencils and 2...
  2. Decorative Christmas Train Station Diorama Paper Toys

    Christmas Train Station Diorama Paper Toys This is an exclusive paper toy set designed by Tougui for SNCF's "Program Voyageur" during the Christmas season of 2015. The event is only for a limited time, so many people may not have the opportunity to know about it. Now I share it with you to enjoy...
  3. Animals Low Poly Realistic Reindeer

    Here is a realistic, but blank papercraft model of a Reindeer, and I believe that it is half scale as there are only 12 pages.
  4. Animals Low Poly Reindeer by LuPapel

    Reindeer Cute Low poly by LuPapel Papercraft Size: H 262mm x W 114mm x D 210mm
  5. Game Others [World of Warcraft] Reindeer Mount (Preserved Holly)

    [World of Warcraft] Reindeer Mount (Preserved Holly) papercraft Preserved Holly, as a stack of 5, is a quest reward from the quests. This gives a 1 hour buff which changes your mount into a reindeer each time you mount, complete with sparkling feet that leave an energy/snowflake trail if you...
  6. Head Wearable Reindeer antler headband

    Reindeer antler headband papercraft Size: H: 191mm x 336W: mm x D: 118mm
  7. Animals Low Poly Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell

    Reindeer Christmas Cute rings the bell papercraft Size: H: 350mm x W: 431mm x D: 291mm Reindeer are not only associated with Santa Claus, although for many this association is strongest (especially at this time of year). Reindeer represent journeying, wandering, safe travels, strength and...
  8. Paper Toys P.D Buckshot

    P.D Buckshot paper toy The Buckshot War was the outbreak of unrest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that transpired after the Pennsylvania gubernatorial and legislative elections in 1838 when both the Whig and Democratic parties claimed control over the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  9. Pokemon Gen 5 Sawsbuck Spring Form

    Sawsbuck Spring Form papercraft - (2 sizes) Dimension: 330 x 140 x 270 mm | 500 x 214 x 415 mm Sawsbuck are herbivores. Sawsbuck can live almost anywhere in the Unova region as they adapt to the season, but prefer to live away from humans.
  10. Paper Toys Tearaway Reindeer

    Tearaway Reindeer You can create your own papercraft reindeer with some free blueprints inspired by Tearaway, the game from LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule.
  11. Festival Rodolfo el reno (Rudolph)

    Rodolfo el reno (Rudolph) papercraft
  12. Animals Low Poly Christmas Reindeer

    Christmas Reindeer low poly papercraft by Wonder Ming Studio Christmas Reindeer size : 420mm Height/ 175mm Width/ 260mm Depth You'll need a printer to print the template, cardstocks, scissors (or stationery knife), ruler, scoring tool and glue. Reindeer template is in plain white color but you...
  13. Light Box The Reindeer In The Middle Of The Night

    Light Box - The Reindeer In The Middle Of The Night
  14. Festival Cute Santa Claus

    Cute Santa Claus papercraft The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus , a 1902 children's book by L. Frank Baum , further popularized Santa Claus. At the time, much of Santa's mythology wasn't established, leaving Baum with "Neclaus" (Necile's Little One) plenty of immortal support, a home in...