1. Spacecraft Moon by Paper Boat

    Moon by Paper Boat When printing template on A4 paper(21,0 см х 29,7 см): height 700 mm, width 674 mm , depth 142 mm
  2. Box Festival Low Poly Easter Casket Egg by Paper Boat

    Easter Casket Egg by Paper Boat Low Poly Papercraft Dimensions: 100 x 237 x 372 mm
  3. Box Festival Low Poly Heart box by Paper Boat

    Heart box ❤❤❤ by Paper Boat Low Poly Papercraft Dimensions 86 x 357 x 150 mm
  4. Insect & Reptile Low Poly Brachiosaurus

    Brachiosaurus Low Poly papercraft Print A4 format Dimensions: 500 x 170 x 592 mm Brachiosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic, about 154 to 150 million years ago
  5. Head Wearable Giraffe Mask For Children by Paper Boat

    Giraffe Mask For Children by Paper Boat Low poly Papercraft Dimensions: 221 x 236 x 132 mm
  6. Low Poly Wall hanging Others Cloud Simple

    Cloud Simple template Papercraft Print in A4 format Dimensions: 150 x 84 x 217mm
  7. Head Wearable Donkey Mask for Children by Paper Boat

    Pattern: Donkey Mask by Paper Boat Papercraft Dimensions: 231 x 130 x 114 mm
  8. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Heart Flat Ver. 2

    Heart Flat Ver. 2 Low Poly Wall Hanging Papercraft Dimension: 350 x 440 x 83 mm in the file there are dxf and svg
  9. Plants Wall hanging Low Poly Flower Simple

    Pattern "Flower" on the wall Low Poly Hanging by Polygonal Sculpture (Paper Boat) papercraft Dimension: 43 x 200 x 231 mm
  10. Insect & Reptile Low Poly Simple Bee

    Bee Simple Low Poly Papercraft Height 15 cm
  11. Festival Low Poly Wall hanging Heart Flat

    Wall hanging Heart Flat Pattern Low Poly papercraft Height 25 cm 6 pages
  12. Box Low Poly Box Star

    Pattern "Box Star" Low Poly Papercraft You can stick the number 23 on the flat part Base 25 cm 13 pages
  13. Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Eagle Trophy

    Eagle Trophy papercraft Eagles have long been the symbol of achievement and flying high. Eagle trophies are an excellent choice for a winning team, the leader of a successful project or a salesperson who has met or exceeded her quota. Printed on A4 paper H 350mm W 238mm D 364mm
  14. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Tiger cub trophy

    Tiger cub trophy papercraft The tiger has a muscular body with strong forelimbs, a large head and a tail that is about half the length of its body. Its pelage colouration varies between shades of orange with a white underside and distinctive vertical black stripes; the patterns of which are...
  15. Spacecraft Others Rocket, Moon & Star

    Rocket, Moon & Star decor papercraft Dimensions: 300 x 301 x 133 mm The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite. Together with Earth it forms the Earth–Moon satellite system. It is about one-quarter of Earth in diameter (comparable to the width of Australia). In the Solar System it is the fifth...
  16. Head Wearable Unicorn Kids mask

    Unicorn papercraft mask for kids Dimensions: 161 x 160 x 91 mm
  17. Insect & Reptile Low Poly Lizard

    Lizard low poly papercraft Dimensions: 146 x 500 x 214 mm Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with over 7,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica, as well as most oceanic island chains. The group is paraphyletic since it excludes the snakes and Amphisbaenia...
  18. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Lisa the Fox

    Lisa the fox wall hanging papercraft Dimensions: 400 x 353 x 203 mm, use A4/letter paper 200 - 300 gsm In the wild, the typical lifespan of a fox is one to three years, although individuals may live up to ten years. Unlike many canids, foxes are not always pack animals. Typically, they live in...
  19. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Bull Head

    Bull head low poly papercraft Bulls are much more muscular than cows, with thicker bones, larger feet, a very muscular neck, and a large, bony head with protective ridges over the eyes. These features assist bulls in fighting for domination over a herd, giving the winner superior access to cows...
  20. Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Flamingo

    Wall hanging - Flamingo Papercraft 183 x 500 x 213 mm Flamingos are wading birds of the family Phoenicopteridae , order Phoenicopteriformes . They live in both the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere , but are more common in the Western Hemisphere. Four species live in the Americas and...