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  1. Princess Unicorn

    The templates are supplied as 15 pages PDF. Just print the templates full size on A4 (or US letter) paper 160-300 gsm, cut them out, score & bend, match the numbers and glue them with flaps.
  2. Low Poly Birth Christmas (Nativity Scene)

    Low Poly Birth Christmas (Nativity Scene) Papercraft (Nacimiento Navidad Papercraft) W40 x H30 x D25 cm
  3. Animals Baby Dinosaur (Triceratops)

    Low Poly Baby Dinosaur (Dino in Egg) Papercraft With the templates, you can build your own baby triceratops (40cm). It is perfect for decoration or a gift. Allow a few hours to build your model. Dimensions of the model: 40x27x27cm Level: Intermediate You will need: Printer 14-A4 paper...
  4. Animals Elephant

  5. Animals Penguins Christmas

    Low poly Penguins Christmas papercraft
  6. Low Poly Wall hanging El Principito: The Little Prince

    Low poly wall hanging El Principito: The Little Prince Papercraft
  7. Low Poly Wall hanging Pitbull Head

    Low poly wall hanging Pitbull Head Papercraft
  8. Low Poly Venus with Wings

    Low Poly Venus with Wings (Venus con Alas) Papercraft
  9. Low Poly Bull Terrier

    Low Poly Bull Terrier by Denerog papercraft
  10. Low Poly The Eye

    Low Poly The Eye Papercraft
  11. Low Poly Cat Gargoyle (Cat-Gorgoyle)

    Low poly Cat Gargoyle (Cat-Gorgoyle Moorgoule) Papercraft
  12. Cartoon Walt Disney [Frozen] Elsa

    Low poly wall hanging [Frozen] Elsa papercraft • Wall Elsa with 180g gram weight, super versatile and modern! • Decorative pieces produced by hand to decorate parties or decorate your home. • Strong enough for a stable shape, but thin enough to bend without too much pressure. • See available...
  13. Low Poly Christ The Redeemer In Rio De Janeiro

    Low Poly Christ The Redeemer In Rio De Janeiro Papercraft The Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil is one of the world monuments I like best. It's almost instantly recognizable and it is a good symbol of Rio. Also I do think it's placed great, on top of the mountain Corcovado standing...
  14. Low Poly Sweet Panda

    Low Poly Sweet Panda Papercraft
  15. Low Poly Cobra

    Low Poly Cobra - snake Papercraft Height: 23 centimeters Width: 18 centimeters Depth: 30 centimeters • This listing is for a digital instant download PDF file • DIY template for creating a 3D model of a Cobra snake to use as a decoration. You need: a printer, cardstock paper (letter or A4...
  16. Super Mario Mario

    Low poly wall hanging Mario by Papersburg papercraft Take glue, scissors/craft knife, and paper (200-300gsm) Print, cut and glue together. FOR ASSEMBLING YOU NEED: A printer, A4 cardboard 200-300gsm(11sheets), ruler, knife or scissors and glue. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Medium FINAL MODEL SIZE...
  17. Low Poly Santa Claus Ver. 2

    Low Poly Santa Claus Ver. 2 Papercraft
  18. Low Poly Christmas & New Year Dog

    Low poly Christmas & New Year Dog Papercraft
  19. Low Poly Wall hanging Christmas Tree

    Low poly wall hanging Christmas Tree papercraft
  20. Low Poly Santa Claus

    Low poly Santa Claus papercraft Height of model – 80 cm
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