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  1. Chibi Public Figure Girl Shiyan

    Girl Shiyan Ver Chibi papercraft 提取码:m24f
  2. Cristhian

    Airi - Oni chichi

    Airi Onichichi ONLY EXCHANGE
  3. Low Poly Man Torso

    Man Torso papercraft 270 x 180 x 95 mm
  4. Low Poly Wall hanging Human Thought

    Wall Hanging - Human Thought Papercraft Contemplation is the meditation on something that has been absorbed, which has been taken deep inside people. There is a big difference between these two. Thought contains conflict with itself, thought contains sympathy. In contemplative thinking, in...
  5. Low Poly Wall hanging Human Silence by TheHumanArts

    Wall Hanging - Human Silence by TheHumanArts Papercraft Papercraft 3d, Paper trophy, Low poly papercraft, Library decor, paper sculpture, office decor, DIY kit, home decor, printable,hush How about having a rude guest in your living room? This is my papercraft sculpture: I present to you the...
  6. Low Poly Wall hanging Precious Human Rebirth by TheHumanArts

    Wall Hanging - Precious Human Rebirth by TheHumanArts Papercraft 3D papercraft, Paper trophy, low poly, reborn,3d origami, printable PDF pattern, home decor, 3D statue, 3d paper craft, 3d pdf template Let me introduce you to my latest papercraft: the exit of the wall This 1:1 scale paper...
  7. Marvel Universe [Avengers Endgame] Red Skull

    [Avengers Endgame] Red Skull Instruction: PDO Ross Marquand played Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, taking over the role from Hugo Weaving. ... Because when he jumps into the time machine at the end of Endgame, he's gone for a second and then comes back as an old man.
  8. Super Sentai [Power Rangers Zeo] Zeo Gold Ranger

    Supper Sentai - [Power Rangers Zeo] Zeo Gold Ranger Instruction: PDO Trey of Triforia is the original Gold Ranger and a Lord of Triforia. Trey's three personalities, Courage, Wisdom, and Heart were portrayed by identical triplets Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo, respectively. Retroactively, he is...
  9. Light Box Zhenjun

    Light Box - Zhenjun
  10. Public Figure Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson Instruction: PDO
  11. Public Figure [The Great Merchant] Gersang

    Gersang Instruction: JPG
  12. Anime Detroit Metal City

    Detroit Metal City Instruction: PDO
  13. Anime [Yosuga no Sora] Sora Kasugano Ver. 2

    [Yosuga no Sora] Sora Kasugano Ver. 2 Instruction: PDO
  14. Anime Chibi Fairy tail [Fairy Tail] Natsu Chibi

    [Fairy Tail] Natsu Chibi Instruction: PDO
  15. Game [Borderlands 2] Zero

    [Borderlands 2] Zero Instruction: PDO
  16. Anime Game Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Magician

    Dark Magician Instruction: PDO
  17. Marvel Universe Ant-Man Ver. 2

  18. Marvel Universe Bullseye

  19. Marvel Universe Tropa Nova

  20. DC Universe Superman Ver. 2

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