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  1. Animals Low Poly Shiba

    Printed on A4 paper 250-350 gsm Height:250 Width:193 Depth:324
  2. Low Poly Wall hanging Nail varnish

    Printed on A4 paper 250-350 gsm Height:300 Width:124 Depth:45
  3. Low Poly Others Pencil

    Printed on A4 paper 250-350 gsm Height:350 mm Width:71 mm Depth:71 mm
  4. Low Poly Others Football cup

    Printed on A4 paper 250-350 gsm Height:400 mm Width:158 mm Depth:158 mm
  5. Aerial Low Poly Macaw Parrot

    Printed on A4 paper 250-350 gsm Height:500 Width:145 Depth:238
  6. Low Poly Cat in box

    Printed on A4 paper height:400 mm width:337 mm depth:358 mm
  7. Wall hanging Low Poly Killer Whale Half Body

    Wall hanging - Killer Whale Half Body by World Of Papercraft Papercraft The orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales have a diverse diet, although individual populations often specialize in...
  8. Animals Low Poly Little Bear by World Of Papercraft

    Low Poly - Little Bear by World Of Papercraft Papercraft Electronic scan of Mishutka in pdf format. Model size: 272x214x221 9 pages of parts and 7 pages of instructions MODEL DIFFICULTY: EASY To build a model, you will need: - stationery knife - glue - ruler. Follow the instructions! The...
  9. Wall hanging Marvel Universe Iron man

    Wall hanging - Iron man Papercraft
  10. Animals Low Poly Easter Bunny

    Low Poly - Easter Bunny Papercraft
  11. Insect & Reptile Wall hanging Low Poly Reptile

    Reptile Wall hanging Papercraft Height:564 Width:1000 Depth:542
  12. Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Fennec fox

    Low poly Fennec fox Instruction: PDF
  13. Insect & Reptile Low Poly Butterfly

    Low Poly Butterfly papercraft Printed on A4 paper 160-350 gsm Height:200 mm Width:281 mm Depth:60 mm
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