1. Head Wearable Gurren Lagann Helmet

    Gurren Lagann helmet papercraft Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 34 cm
  2. Head Wearable Fortnite - All Hallow's Steve Mask

    Fortnite - All Hallow's Steve Mask papercraft All Hallow’s Steve – Peely, Meowscales & Fishstick On the occasion of Halloween 2021 Fortnite has some interesting plans for all the fans and players out there. Fortnite always surprises its players with unexpected collaborations and events. However...
  3. Head Wearable Viking Helmet with horns

    Viking Helmet with horns papercraft Dimensions: Height 314 mm , Width 534 mm, Depth 312 mm For the first 7 days after the video is published on the Maxim4Art channel, you can get a free PDF template. If you want to support this channel and get fully formatted files for cutting machines, you...
  4. Pokemon Gen 4 475 - Gallade Archer Ver.

    Pokemon 475 - Gallade Archer Ver. Papercraft Gallade (Japanese: エルレイド Erureido) is a dual-type Psychic/Fighting Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Designed by the author for Halloween
  5. Head Wearable Chainsaw Man (Cosplay pattern)

    Helmet Chainsaw Man Costume cosplay Foam Pattern Papercraft
  6. Mascot Paper Toys [Usagyuuun] Gaogyuuun

    [Usagyuuun] Gaogyuuun papercraft This is a fanart project based on the Gaogyuuuun I share it for free so I hope it's not sold in any form, I looking forward to seeing your finished product Dear ;) Compressed .rar file included PDO line PDO lineless Dimension H: 100mm x W: 91mm x D: 100mm
  7. Pokemon Characters Pokemon Pretend Eevee Cosplay

    Trainer's - Pokemon Pretend Eevee Cosplay Ver. 1 Papercraft Trainer's - Pokemon Pretend Eevee Cosplay Ver. 2 Papercraft Based on a friend who said that it is difficult to have too many faces before, I will modify it and also say that it is too tall and not like a child. Correction item 1...
  8. Head Wearable [Pacific Rim] Gipsy Danger (Helmet)

    [Pacific Rim] Gipsy Danger (Helmet) Papercraft
  9. Melee Custom Weapons [Genshin Impact] Wolf's Gravestone (Life size)

    [Genshin Impact] Wolf's Gravestone Papercraft (1.2m) The Knight of Boreas rode again to hunt. The Wolf followed his scent into battle. Still one were they, the Wolf and the Knight. Though one they were, death comes for beasts sooner than men. Laying down his sword as a gravestone, the Knight...
  10. Pokemon Gen 1 004 - Charmander (Cosplay)

    Charmander (Cosplay) Papercraft Charmander physically debuted in Charmander - The Stray Pokémon, where Ash, Misty, and Brock found it after it was abandoned by its Trainer, Damian, who only cared about raising strong Pokémon. At first, Charmander refused to leave the spot it was at, believing...