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  1. Cartoon Walt Disney [Chip And Dale] Chipmunk Chip and Box

    [Chip And Dale] Chipmunk Chip Instruction: PDO Chip and Dale (also spelled Chip 'n' Dale or Chip an' Dale) are two anthropomorphic chipmunk brothers[1] created at Walt Disney Productions in 1943. Their names are a pun on the name of the 18th-century cabinet maker and furniture designer Thomas...
  2. Supper Sentai [Power Rangers Zeo] Zeo Gold Ranger

    Supper Sentai - [Power Rangers Zeo] Zeo Gold Ranger Instruction: PDO Trey of Triforia is the original Gold Ranger and a Lord of Triforia. Trey's three personalities, Courage, Wisdom, and Heart were portrayed by identical triplets Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo, respectively. Retroactively, he is...
  3. Supper Sentai Others Red Ranger Bust

    Supper Sentai - Red Ranger Bust Instruction: PDO
  4. Cartoon Chibi [Cartoon Network] Johnny Bravo Chibi

    [Cartoon Network] Johnny Bravo Chibi Instruction: PDO
  5. Cartoon [Ben 10] Humungosaurio

    Cartoon - [Ben 10] Humungosaurio Instruction: PDO
  6. Cartoon [Cartoon Network] Johnny Bravo

    [Cartoon Network] Johnny Bravo Instruction: PDO
  7. Light Box Snoopy

    Light Box - Snoopy
  8. Cartoon [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Feedback

    [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Feedback Instruction: PDO
  9. Weapon cartoon - anime - game - movie AXL GUN

    AXL GUN Papercraft
  10. Low Poly Cartoon Bat

    Low Poly - Cartoon Bat Papercraft Size, cm: 25x19,4x16,3 Paper (format): A4 Template, sheet: 6 Details (parts): 39 Complexity: Middle Instruction: PDF
  11. Low Poly Bunny Cartoon

    Low Poly - Bunny Cartoon Papercraft Size, cm: 37x23,4x35,9 Paper (format): A4 Template, sheet: 12 Details (parts): 56 Complexity: Middle Instruction: PDF
  12. Low Poly Cartoon Fox

    Low Poly - Cartoon Fox Papercraft Size, cm: 32x14,7x32,9 Paper (format): A4 Template, sheet: 7 Details (parts): 62 Complexity: Middle Instruction: PDF
  13. Cartoon CJ7 (Siêu Khuyển Thần Thông)

    CJ7 (Siêu Khuyển Thần Thông) Instruction: PDO
  14. Cartoon Bugs Bunny Ver. 2

    Bugs Bunny Ver. 2 Instruction: PDO
  15. Cartoon Walt Disney [Beauty and the Beast] Mrs. Potts

    [Beauty and the Beast] Mrs. Potts Instruction: PDO
  16. Cartoon [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Echo Echo

    [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Echo Echo Instruction: PDO
  17. Cartoon [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) XLR8

    [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) XLR8 Instruction: PDO
  18. Cartoon [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Four Arms

    [Ben Ten] (Ben 10) Four Arms Instruction: PDO
  19. Cartoon Walt Disney [Lion King] Simba kid

    Xem file pdo!
  20. Cartoon Bugs bunny

    PDO trong file có luôn kích thước life size nha ^^
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