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  1. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Suntory Nomu

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Suntory Nomu Papercraft (燦鳥ノム, Santori Nomu)
  2. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Ui Nema (Okinawa club)

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Ui Nema (Okinawa club) 根間うい(おきなわ部)
  3. Anime Supper Sentai [SSSS.Gridman] Rikka Takarada (Baoduo Liuhua)

    [SSSS.Gridman] Rikka Takarada (Baoduo Liuhua) Papercraft
  4. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Ginga Alice (Galaxy Alice)

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Ginga Alice Papercraft Ginga Alice (銀河アリス - Galaxy Alice)
  5. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Asano Ruri (Asano Ninja Sisters)

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Asano Ruri (Asano Ninja Sisters)
  6. Anime Chibi Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid] Izayoi Sakuya

    [Vocaloid] Izayoi Sakuya Papercraft
  7. Anime Virtual idol [DL Links] Alicia Solid

    [DL Links] Alicia Solid Papercraft
  8. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Asano Akane (Asano Ninja Sisters)

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Asano Akane (Asano Ninja Sisters)
  9. Anime Virtual idol [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Tsukino Mito

    [Japanese Virtual YouTuber] Tsukino Mito Papercraft
  10. Anime Game Final Fantasy [Final Fantasy IX] Zidane Tribal Ver. 2

    [Final Fantasy IX] Zidane Tribal Ver. 2 Papercraft Instruction: PDO Zidane Tribal [ziˈdɑːn] is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. He is a thief who works for the Tantalus Theater Troupe set to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, an event that escalates to a quest to protect the planet of...
  11. Anime Game Digimon Myotismon

    Digimon Myotismon Papercraft Instruction: PDO Myotismon is a Ghost Digimon. As the king of Undead Digimon, it was resurrected through the dark arts and obtained mighty powers. Originally a fiendish computer virus which destroyed the computer data it absorbed, it possessed the ability to revive...
  12. Dragon Ball Figures [Dragon Ball Z] Vegeta And Trunks

    [Dragon Ball Z] Vegeta And Trunks Papercraft Instruction: PDO Vegeta Hugging Trunks For The Very First Time "Final Atonement" (愛あいする者ものために... ベジータ散ちる!! Ai Suru Mono no Tame ni… Bejīta Chiru!!, lit. "For Those Whom He Loves… Vegeta Perishes!!") is the sixth episode of the Majin Buu Saga and the...
  13. Naruto Figures Uzumaki Naruto Ver.5

    Uzumaki Naruto Ver.5 Instruction: PDO
  14. Dragon Ball Figures [Dragon Ball GT] Vegeta SSJ4

    [Dragon Ball GT] Vegeta SSJ4 Instruction: PDO "Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta" (敵てきか味み方かたか…大おお猿ざるベジータ大おお暴あばれTeki ka Mikata ka… Ōzaru Bejīta Ōabare, lit. "Friend or Foe… Great Ape Vegeta's Great Rampage") is the twelfth episode of the Shadow Dragon Saga and the fifty-ninth overall episode of Dragon Ball...
  15. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu Electrifying Summer Fun!

    025 - Pikachu Electrifying Summer Fun! Instruction: PDO A Day with Pikachu: Sparking Up a Celebration Figure by Funko Inspirado en la figura Funko que pronto saldrá por tiempo limitado en los Pokémon Center, traigo ésta pequeña adaptación del muy tierna y colorida figura. Cerebii: In The...
  16. Pokemon Gen 1 025 - Pikachu Trophy PWC 2018

    025 - Pikachu Trophy PWC 2018 (Pokémon World Championships - VGC - TABLOIDE) Instruction: PDO Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon...
  17. Pokemon Gen 1 149 - Postman Dragonite

    149 - Postman Dragonite Dragonite (Japanese: カイリュー Kairyu) Instruction: PDO Dragonite since I played in the first generations seemed to me a majestic creature, his presence in the anime and his short appearances and references to being a postman made this Pokémon a noble giant. This 30 cm tall...
  18. Anime Game Digimon Matadormon

    Digimon - Matadormon instruction: PDO Matadormon is an Undead Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. It is a bloodsucking martial artist Digimon that performs a magnificent dance. It is said that it was born from the folk-dance database of a certain museum, and that it has mastered the unique...
  19. Others Lapizard

    Pokemon Go - Lapizard Instruction: PDO
  20. Anime Game Digimon Ophanimon

    Digimon - Ophanimon Instruction: PDO Ophanimon is an Angel Digimon. As one of the "Celestial Digimon", it is a Holy Mother-like being who imparts the loving and merciful side of God. It is the final form of feminine Angel Digimon. It was responsible for banishing the former Angel-species...
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