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  1. Anime Game [Arknights] Eyjafjalla Summer Skin

    [Arknights] Eyjafjalla Summer Skin Papercraft Just a template open for anyone to get. You can still get a printed one from the link above, or you can print your own. Happy papercrafting!
  2. Dranak

    Game [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue

    Oh yeah it is on deviantart......
  3. Dranak

    [Arknights] Skadi Elite Zero

    Oh, never mind. Actually it's a portmanteau i made and never been pronounced right XD.
  4. Dranak

    [Arknights] Skadi Elite Zero

    Nice and clean. Seems pearlescent paper works just fine on her. Just a little misspelled my name lol;)
  5. Dranak

    [Arknights] Dusk

    I add the URL. Now you can only buy it from that link but also check this page where I give a reply in detail, you may also wait for us to open access the template.
  6. Dranak

    [Arknights] Dusk

    Oh acturally made by my friend. Mine is still in progress. I'll tell him that you like it. Thx!
  7. [Arknights] Dusk

    Seems that the picture is squashed vertically outside at the gallary sight. Is there a way to prevent that?
  8. Dranak

    Game [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue

    You mean the "overlapping"? It's not mistake, it's just two versions, one for flowing or closed eyes, another for opened eyes.
  9. Game [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue

    [Outer Wilds] Nomai Statue Papercraft OuterWilds is really a good game!
  10. Dranak

    [Arknights] Chen skin

    It will but not yet. I often feel it frustrating that nowadays the Internet never shows as "intering" as its name suggests. People would rather hide their ideas and knowledge than share with each other, though it's often the case that acturally those knowledge they learn and tools(softwares, see...
  11. Dranak

    [Arknights] Skadi The Corrupting Heart

    I bought this and never ever touch since then, lol
  12. Dranak

    Blue Eyes alternative white dragon

    Yeah that should be a mistake, so I put clay inside the base and crystals.
  13. Dranak

    Blue Eyes alternative white dragon

    Oh you made this successfully? It looks better than I did But somehow looks skewed?
  14. Dimorphodon

    Realy good paper design
  15. [Arknights] Chen skin

    Made by 楠山, a friend of mine, not me.
  16. Dranak

    Anime Game [Arknights] Skadi Elite Zero

    I just found this website yesterday. And learning to model also takes money, you know. Thanks for supporting!
  17. Anime Game [Arknights] Skadi Elite Zero

    [Arknights] Skadi Elite Zero Papercraft Happy to find a website like this to post any paper template here Feel free to print and build and do any thing you like;) But please let me know if you want to share this template elsewhere I'm expected to see anyone else who finish her, post it! HEEEEEEE