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  1. einszwei

    Game Figure Xantha Kaine [Figure Fantasy]

    Yeah I can't remember why but I mirrored the model for some reasons o_O
  2. Game Figure Xantha Kaine [Figure Fantasy]

    Xantha Kaine Papercraft [Figure Fantasy] (Download) I don't really know about this character or the game, but I was just randomly scroll and see this 3D model ripped by KNIGHTMARE-GIGA on Devianart, who was so generous to let people download for free, and thought to myself that the 3D model...
  3. einszwei

    Naruto Chibi Tobi (Cat version)

    Thanks 017.gifI actually update my models more frequently on my devianart account, so if you want to see some more maybe check it out
  4. einszwei

    Naruto Chibi Akatsuki (Cat version)

    I don't remember setting password for any PDF file so can you clarify which one has password?
  5. Naruto Figures Tsunade

    Naruto - Tsunade Papercraft It's been quite a long time since I uploaded a more figure-like model. I actually have finished the design for some time now, but I was too busy to actually make this in real life, so I'm glad that now I'm done with this model to move on to another ;) )). My original...
  6. einszwei

    Naruto Figures Naruto Chibi Cats of the Hidden Leaf Village

    IKR but the figure collection from MegaHouse that I based these designs on ( put him there for some reasons so I just followed them :Th 121:
  7. Naruto Figures Naruto Chibi Cats of the Hidden Leaf Village

    Naruto Chibi Cats of the Hidden Leaf Village Papercraft Shikamaru (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Iruka (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Kakashi (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Sakura (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Naruto (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Sasuke (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Gaara (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Itachi (Cat...
  8. einszwei

    Naruto Chibi Akatsuki (Cat version)

    Thank you so much :iuiu:
  9. einszwei

    Naruto Chibi Akatsuki (Cat version)

    There's a file about Password included already, if you still have trouble please let me know
  10. Naruto Chibi Akatsuki (Cat version)

    Naruto Chibi - The Akatsuki (Cat Ver.) Papercraft: Tobi: Deidara: Sasori: Konan: Itachi: Kisame: Hidan: Kakuzu:
  11. Anime Figure Anya Forger (Spy x Family)

    Anya Forger (Spy x Family) papercraft
  12. Naruto Chibi Kisame (Cat version)

  13. Naruto Chibi Sasori (Cat version)

  14. Naruto Chibi Tobi (Cat version)

  15. Naruto Chibi Gaara (Cat version)

    Gaara (Cat version) papercraft Gaara as a child was a reserved and gentle child. Although most of the Sand Village residents feared and despised him, Gaara was fine with the care he received from Yashamaru and his mother. However, Rasa, his father, separated both of them from Gaara, thinking...
  16. Anime Figure [Kimetsu no Yaiba] Kanroji Mitsuri (Demon Slayer)

    [Kimetsu no Yaiba] Kanroji Mitsuri (Demon Slayer) papercraft Mitsuri Kanroji (甘かん露ろ寺じ 蜜みつ璃り Kanroji Mitsuri?) is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Love Hashira (恋こい柱ばしら Koi Bashira?)
  17. Naruto Chibi Others Sasuke (Cat version)

    Sasuke Cat papercraft Sasuke's childhood, as told in the manga Naruto volume 25, was spent in the shadow of his older brother, Uchiha Itachi , a born genius of the Uchiha tribe. To gain recognition, Sasuke worked hard to get his parents' attention, though he still hadn't made it past the stone...
  18. einszwei

    Naruto Chibi Others Naruto (Cat version)

    Mình bị sót thật mình vừa bổ sung rồi nha 002.gif
  19. Naruto Chibi Others Naruto (Cat version)

    Naruto (Cat version) papercraft Naruto is noted as boisterous, exuberant, and unorthodox, quite similar to Hashirama Senju.[24] He inherited his mother's verbal tic, as he ends his sentences with "Dattebayo!" (だってばよ!) when emotional. Though he responds best to competition and is not afraid to...
  20. Naruto Figures Hidan (Ver.3)

    Hidan (Ver.3) papercraft Đây là mẫu tiếp theo của mình, hi vọng mọi người thích nó ^-^ This is my next design, hope you enjoy it ^-^ n the anime, Yugakure requested that Akatsuki eliminate Hidan for his homicidal acts, leading to Pain dispatching Itachi Uchiha, Konan and Kakuzu to handle the...