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  1. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Dragon Ball Figures Cyborg 17 HD

    Chiều cao nó cao quá có cách nào thu nhỏ lại không ạ?
  2. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Sắp phải đi học roài =='

    Sắp phải đi học roài =='
  3. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Gundam Super Deformed (SD) SD Wing Zero custom

    cho em xin hướng dẫn con này với ạ
  4. Dragon Ball Chibi Clone Son Goku I FighterZ 2018

    Dragon Ball Clone Son Goku I FighterZ 2018 Chibi papercraft Clones are mindless replicas created by Android 21 that appear in the story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ. They are created from the cells of warriors and are grown quickly in order to be ready for battle as soon as possible.
  5. Dragon Ball Chibi Evil Super Buu HQ (Majin Buu)

    Dragon Ball - Evil Super Buu HQ Chibi (Majin Buu) papercraft In the anime, colored manga, and video games, Evil Buu has drab grey flesh, white eyes, and wears a dark blue cape. The artwork for Dragon Ball Heroes cards depict him with red eyes and wearing a purple cape, and Daizenshuu art and...
  6. Melee Custom Weapons Thor's Hammer I Avengers Mjölnir Version

    Thor's Hammer I Avengers Mjölnir Version Papercraft Mjölnir (from Old Norse Mjǫllnir) is the hammer of the thunder god Thor in Norse mythology, used both as a devastating weapon and as a divine instrument to provide blessings. The hammer is attested in numerous sources, including the 11th...
  7. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Tutorial 3d modeling with Metasequoia

    Tuii follow ông đó từ lâu rùi. Trước ổng free giờ bán kit rùi chán ghê
  8. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Tutorial 3d modeling with Metasequoia

    Cái Hakaishin trên của Avshalom Gil chắc luôn hihi
  9. Dragon Ball Figures [Dragon Ball: Emperor Pilaf Saga] Bulma

    [Dragon Ball: Emperor Pilaf Saga] Bulma papercraft
  10. Dragon Ball Chibi Cell killed Cyborg 16

    Dragon Ball - CELL killed Cyborg 16 Chibi papercraft
  11. Dragon Ball Chibi Pikkon

    Dragon Ball - Pikkon Chibi papercraft
  12. Dragon Ball Chibi Zamasu

    Dragon Ball Zamasu Chibi papercraft Zamasu is a lean-built individual of fairly tall height. He has pale green skin, gray irises, white eyebrows, and white hair in the style of a mohawk. He wears a violet long-sleeved shirt under a gray and yellow coat, a light blue sash, dark blue baggy...
  13. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Gundam ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (Extreme Blast Mode)

    pass là xenon19 có trong file txt đó ạ.
  14. Chibi C17

  15. Huỳnh Tin Tin

    Decorative Landscape Mouse Lampshade Lanter

    Còn nhiều kit loại hình phong cảnh như vậy ko cho xin với ạk
  16. Dragon Ball Chibi Mecha Frieza Hell

    Dragon ball Mecha Frieza Hell papercraft Frieza possesses an entire range of transformations, each one being quite different than the others. It is implied by Vegeta and Frieza himself in the series that Frieza's fourth, most powerful form is actually his original form, with the other three...
  17. Dragon Ball Chibi Uub

    Dragon Ball - Uub Chibi papercraft Uub is a dark-skinned youth with dark eyes and black hair. He also sports a Mohawk on an otherwise shaved head. In his childhood, he was very short and scrawny, wearing his village's traditional robes consisting of a brown, one-shoulder top, and white pants...
  18. Pokemon Characters Archie (Team Aqua leader)

    Archie (Team Aqua leader) papercraft Archie debuted in Gaining Groudon. After Shelly, acting on Archie's orders, successfully released Kyogre from Team Magma's mobile sea base, Archie emerged from the sea inside Team Aqua's submarine, and used the Red Orb, which had recently come in his...