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    Animals Low Poly Small Dog (Shiba)

    indeed. this is beautiful model.
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    Royal deer

    this model is so beautiful done.
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    Others Cat house cave

    will surely make it for our cat. :)
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    wow. this look beautiful.
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    Legendary Creatures - Mascot Wall hanging Low Poly [Dragon Ball] Shenlong (Shenron)

    i will try to make this model in the next few weeks. cool!
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    Animals Low Poly Bulldog

    this is really cute. :) :matkiu:
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    Animals Low Poly Roaring Lion

    looks intricate. very nice.
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    Aerial Wall hanging Low Poly Peacock

    colorful model.. :) :matkiu:
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    Animals Wall hanging Low Poly Fox Head

    wow! this model is beautiful! :)
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    Animals Low Poly Baby Elephants

    i just made one of this for my son. he likes it much. :)
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    Animals Wall hanging Low Poly [Replica] Couple of Cats

    wow! this model is beautiful! :)
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    Decorative Honeycomb

    this look awesome. :matkiu:
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    Light Box Valentine in Paris

    This is beautiful.:) will try to do this during the weekend. :)