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  1. Consumables Low Poly Hot dog

    Hot dog papercraft This giant hot dog paper model measures 50 cm long, 10 cm high, and 13 cm wide. Included svg file for cutting machine.
  2. Game The Legend of Zelda Toon Link

    Toon Link papercraft Toon Link is a composite character used to represent multiple incarnations of Link in crossover works featuring elements from The Legend of Zelda series. Toon Link is primarily based on Link from The Wind Waker, though elements from other incarnations of Link may also...
  3. Automata Maneki lucky cat & Grumpy (un?)lucky cat

    Maneki lucky cat & Grumpy (un?)lucky cat papercraft Instructions This is a lucky or beckoning cat, popular in Japan and China. The beckoning cat is supposed to bring luck and wealth. This one can actually move its arm. Here is a video: Here is another version. She (did you know grumpy cat...
  4. Tony Tony Chopper

    Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

    Whoa that looks great!
  5. Tony Tony Chopper

    Road vehicles Sport Car 1969 FORD GT40 GULF

    I'm glad it was helpful
  6. Tony Tony Chopper

    Road vehicles Sport Car 1969 FORD GT40 GULF

    The PDO file for anyone who needs it
  7. Automata Cymbal Banging Elephant

    Cymbal Banging Elephant automata papercraft This papercraft is a moving toy elephant that hits a cymbal. When you turn the handle, the elephant hits the cymbal, raises its trunk, and changes the expression in its eyes. I also found a great illustrated video by @dutch
  8. Tony Tony Chopper

    Others Katoributa (heo giữ nhang muỗi)

    Giữ nhang bằng cái này rồi cháy luôn con heo thì sao :Th 67:
  9. Anime Game Chibi Fate Grand Order - Chibi Olga Marie

    Fate Grand Order - Chibi Olga Marie papercraft Olga Marie is one of the storyline character in Fate Grand Order mobile game on Android and iOS. She’s also one of the recurring main characters in FGO Learning with Manga’s manga and anime. Olga Marie is the director of Chaldea institution. She...
  10. Game Super Smash Bros. - Fox McCloud

    Super Smash Bros. - Fox McCloud papercraft Height: 50 cm Fox McCloud is the main protagonist from the Star Fox series and leader of the Star Fox team. The son of James McCloud, Fox is an expert pilot and has saved the Lylat System from numerous threats. As a member of the "perfect-attendance...
  11. Game Final Fantasy Puppetmaster

    Final Fantasy XI Puppetmaster Papercraft In the Final Fantasy XI video game puppetmasters are wandering performers who entertain crowds and confound their enemies with a customizable puppet known as an "Automaton." This papercraft puppetmaster was created by Telford at the Square Enix Forum...
  12. Automata Dancing Groot

    Dancing Groot automata papercraft Recently, I have become interested in the automata genre. I'm surprised this template hasn't been uploaded yet. A cute character from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
  13. Mask Japanese Fox Mask

    Japanese Fox Mask papercraft In Japanese folklore, foxes are said to be shapeshifting tricksters. In the spirit of fun, during certain festivals in Japan, it is a tradition to wear decorative fox masks (aka kitsune masks). This printable papercraft kitsune mask is offered by Sagara Works as an...
  14. Automata Unicorn

    Unicorn automata papercraft
  15. Automata Penguin

    Penguin automata papercraft
  16. Automata Owl

    Owl automata papercraft Contrary to Agreeable Sheep, this papercraft is a head-shaking owl.
  17. Tony Tony Chopper

    Guan Yu - Quan Vũ - Quan Vân Trường

    Tác giả này, ngoài Wu Kong ra hình như còn 2 mô hình LoL là Zed với Talon thì phải
  18. Automata Agreeable Sheep

    Agreeable Sheep papercraft A sheep never refuses anything because, basically, he can only nod up and down.